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Protected: The top 10 Asian representations of my youth

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Is Link from the Zelda games left-handed?

Posted in Nerdy Stuff on November 16, 2016 by yujinishuge

Yes, he is.. except for when he isn’t. In 3D, he has been decidedly left-handed, as he holds his shield in his right hand and sword in his left.

However in 2d incarnations he is left-handed 75 percent of the time, except in Zelda II where he is left-handed 50 percent of the time.


The way he is drawn, he holds his shield in his right hand when he is facing up, down, or left. This is reversed when he’s facing right because it was easier to swap the sprites instead of drawing entirely new ones.

In Zelda 2, he is right handed when he faces right and left handed when he faces left.

See this sprite dump from Zelda 1.

Left handed 75 percent of the time.

Left handed 75 percent of the time.

Batman vs James Bond

Posted in Nerdy Stuff on May 23, 2016 by yujinishuge


So on a facebook post that asked who would win between Bond, Bourne, and whoever that guy Tom Cruise is playing from Mission Impossible is, I made the snarky comment that Bond would clean the floor with the other two, because there are 6 of him. Then my friend Rob who really really really LOVES Batman suggested the ultimate matchup. Bond vs. Batman.

Of course there have been more than 6 James Bonds in film if you consider the original Casino Royale film, and there’s no telling what to do with Never Say Never Again, if we are counting that as part of Connery’s take on the role, or if it is a separate role (and therefore a 7th bond). I’ve heard estimates that there have been 9 portrayals of Batman on the big screen, but if we have to narrow it down to 6, then we’ll start with Adam West’s portrayal and go on from there.

So, that answers the question of which Bonds and which Batmen we have going against each other. But how do we match them up. Chronologically? The significance of what they mean to the franchise? There’s some debate to that as well. But let’s just for the sake of argument go with the most obvious matchups and work from there. So find out the matchups and we can debate the results after the break. Continue reading

*Spoilers* My Episode VII Review

Posted in Nerdy Stuff on December 21, 2015 by yujinishuge
I have Bashically Darsh Vader, but coooler, wish a 7D hiwted lightshaber, and he's a ninja, and he can kill you with his mind!

I have Bashically Darsh Vader, but coooler, wish a 7D hiwted lightshaber, and he’s a ninja, and he can kill you with his mind!

Okay so I’m coming out of blogger retirement to talk about this film, and once again, I want to explain that there are spoilers in this review, so go away if you don’t want the film spoiled for you. Continue reading

Epic Rap Battle?

Posted in Jokes, Korea, Nerdy Stuff on July 22, 2015 by yujinishuge

Roboseyo wrote on his facebook wall:


“I want to lock the author of this article
(A Korea Times article written by a Korean who does nothing but generalize foreigners despite meeting so many on a regular basis)

In a room with the author of this article.
(A Korea Observer article written by a white woman who does nothing but generalize Koreans despite living in Korea for 10 years)

they deserve each other”

I then got the idea for an epic rap battle between them and wrote it in the comments.

Eeeeeeepic rap battles of History! Shi-yong the Difference Pointer Outer VS. Laura the Not Russian Prostitute! Begin!

Check it out yall cuz I’m Korean.
I spit about foreign stuff that I been seein’
Ya’ll foreigners drink and you smoke and you cuss
But you ain’t never gonna be as 18 dope like us.

You say we say “Mine mine” but your soldiers are here
Sell your beef, FTA, take our girls, slow-drink beer
Said we got No manners but too much manners in speech
That’s contradictory, and you’re a basic shawty beach-goer

The beauty of the minjok is all I know
I learned this slang from a waeg so GTFO
Yall people need to learn that Korea’s the shit,
Our 5000 year old culture is 2 legit to quit.

Spit a verse? Please, y’all only spit in the street.
And you don’t cover your mouth or your nose when you sneeze.

Let me tell you all about why I hate Korea.
I been here 10 years so I see what you don’t see-a.

Koreans are so rude and Koreans are so selfish.
And you don’t know how to drive, and you’re short like you’re elfish.
You don’t understand a thing about us ppl from the west
Be like, “Critical thiking, pssh why bother? My people are the best!”

Now comes the part where you misspoke.
The minjok is the people’s joke.
Let’s be clear I’m an expert, I’ve lived here 10 years.
Where you observe Hollywood and repeat sayings of your peers.

Roaring Currents is a big letdown, and here’s why.

Posted in Korea, Nerdy Stuff, Senseless Griping, Shaking my head on August 13, 2014 by yujinishuge

Okay, so it’s been a while, and I thank the people still subscribed to this blog for their continued attention. Today I am going to review a movie that is breaking box office records here in Korea. It’s called Myeongryang in Korean and Roaring Currents in English. The synopsis: During the Imjin War, (1592-1598), a Japanese fleet of more than 300 ships is invading Korea, and Admiral Yi Sun-shin has 12 ships with which to defend the country. It’s not a spoiler if I tell you that Yi was successful. That would be like saying the Titanic sunk in the film Titanic.  As such, Yi is a revered national hero in Korea, and very respected in Japan for his strategy that defeated the Japanese navy against overwhelming odds.

I love war movies, so I was really excited to see this, especially since it had been getting such rave reviews in the Korean media. Korean films that Korean moviegoers like are generally good films. Some of my favorite Korean war-genre films include Shilmido, Taegukki Brotherhood, and 71: Into The Fire. As far as other war films outside of Korea, I liked Platoon, All’s Quiet on the Western Front, Saving Private Ryan, Joyeux Noel, Full Metal Jacket, and Inglourious Basterds. I’ll get to what it is about these films that I really liked later. At the same time, there are war movies I don’t like.  I won’t name them here, but you can be sure they will appear later in my analysis.

So let’s get into my experience watching the film.
As my wife and I stepped into the theater I was in high anticipation of this film.  The theater was packed.  I had just watched Guardians of the Galaxy a few days earlier, and was fun as that was, I was in the mood for a real serious tension filled historical period film that would really deconstruct what happened centuries ago and let us know the motivations behind a historical hero I had been hearing about since childhood. Remember, this is a guy who has a prominent statue in downtown Seoul.

Remember, this is a guy who has a prominent statue in downtown Seoul.

Every time I walk by this statue, I think.. 'hey, possible Gramps!'

X: This is the Statue of Liberty of Korea.   Y: Stop saying that Korean things are the Korean version of foreign things.

So the movie starts, and Yi Sun-shin and his advisors are discussing the dire situation ahead of them. There’s one guy in there that looks sneaky and evil just from the way he looks and speaks. Everyone else is really handsome and noble looking, but this guy looks like he’d double cross his mother in a heartbeat. The movie just started, and I don’t know exactly who this person is, so it doesn’t register with me yet.

Then there’s a cut away to the Japanese side. They are discussing strategy. Immediately I burst out laughing.  Want to know why? I’ll explain after the jump.


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It took me this long to get into Power Rangers?

Posted in Nerdy Stuff on July 2, 2013 by yujinishuge

Pirates are AWESOME!

Why am I writing a post about Power Rangers?  Well, I am married and have nephews and they are really really into Power Rangers, and when they come to visit, that’s what we always put on the TV via VOD or youtube to placate them.  I never really liked Power Rangers when it first came out in the US in the 1990’s.  I’ll tell you why in a bit.  But this past weekend while babysitting my nephew Youn-hyuk, he kept clamoring for Power Rangers Captain Force.  Seeing that via VOD that would cost money to watch, I went on the net and figured out that the Captain Force in Korea is called Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger in its original Japanese, and there were plenty of videos of that on youtube.  But I think this is the first time we actually watched it together.  Oh my gosh.. this is one of the best series ever!  And now this article is going to be all over the place, because as I am thinking about all the things I need to explain…  So if you would like to read more about something extremely geeky, then read on.

I will begin my disclaimer and say that I am a huge nerd.. and when it comes to new nerdy things, be they games, books, movies, TV shows, or comics, I never really just watch something, say it’s cool and be done with it.  If I like it, I have an insatiable thirst for more, becoming obsessed with it.  For example, I watched Professional Wrestling in college, and was hooked on it during the Monday Night Wars, so much that I would go rent videos of previous Wrestling Events.  I’ve probably watched the original 3 Star Wars movies more than 100 times.. each.  I’ve seen every episode of G1 Transformers… after my 30th birthday.  There was a period in high school when I got hooked on Spider-Man comics, in an era that was known as the Clone Saga.  This caused me to waste money on back issues trying to reassemble the whole thing, and then I bought even more back issues after that.  I play pen and paper tabletop roleplaying games in an ongoing campaign once per week.  I am a huge nerd, and if I think something is cool, I will immerse myself in it.  That is because I want to know everything there is to know about it.  Everything.

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