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Dear SK Broadband.

Posted in Uncategorized on May 16, 2012 by yujinishuge

I suppose it is my own fault for not understanding Korean enough but I received a phone call from SK broadband yesterday about upgrading my Internet or something. I thought someone was going to come to my house and give me some new hardware.

Instead I got a call the next day. They asked me to turn on my computer and connect to the Internet. So I did. Then she told me to go to this website and download that thingamabob. Open this and click that. Suddenly she had gained control of my computer and wanted me to type in my Alien Registration Number to allow her to “check my hard drive for viruses.” I immediately became suspicious and told her that I did not have any viruses and I didn’t like that she had access to control my computer.

She said it was a temporary thing and that she was going to only check for viruses and delete any files that are not necessary.

I told her again that I used to work in IT and that I knew that I didn’t have viruses.

She replied that I couldn’t know that unless she could check.

And that’s where I drew the line. I told her thanks but no thanks. I appreciate that SK wants to eliminate the spread of viruses by scrubbing down every computer, but I found the process invasive and somewhat insulting.

Now I’m no expert about computers, spyware, viruses, or any of that, but I have enough knowledge about computers, networking, and troubleshooting to know that I don’t have viruses. Even if I did, it wouldn’t matter because I have everything important backed up on an external drive and I am pretty sure that if my computer were to be overrun with worms and spyware I could just reformat it and there would be no problem.

The point is, I know more about that than the average person, so telling me that I can’t know unless I give her remote access so she can check is like a car mechanic telling the lady who works at Jiffy Lube that she can’t know if the car needs an oil change unless she allows the him to check first.

(I know most people working at Jiffy Lube are men. Changing the gender helps make that last sentence more understandable without me having to make names for the two. )

I wonder how many SK customers just blindly follow the instructions? Not that I would suspect the company of anything, but it would be easy for someone to pretend that they are from SK and make a webpage that looks legit. Giving the faker access to your computer would allow them to check your computer for bank account and credit card numbers or nab any file of yours or plant illegal files on your computer.

Be careful everyone.