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Fantasy football dominance

Posted in Nerdy Stuff, Sports on November 24, 2011 by yujinishuge

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I don’t really want to be one of those guys who talks about his fantasy team to people who don’t care. ┬áNobody cares who you drafted, who you traded for, etc, unless you yourself are a fantasy football owner and usually only if you’re in the same league. ┬áSo I’ll cut the post here so people who don’t care about fantasy football, or football in general can skip this post with ease. Continue reading


A world-class provider of world-leading pioneer technology that will remain competitive through fundamental adaptation to the paradigm shift

Posted in Korea, Senseless Griping, Shaking my head, Shameless product promotion on November 4, 2011 by yujinishuge

Nice title eh? In my new job, I often have to look over PR that Korean companies like to use to describe themselves. Often, these are English, but translated from Korean. While in Korean, the use of similar meaning adjectives and adverbs seems to be perfectly okay, in English it just looks like total BS. Here are a few words that Korean companies constantly like to go to when they describe themselves and their role in their industry. Note that they all mean basically the same thing.

Global (can be used in combination with any of the others, i.e. “Global Pioneer”)
World Best

Air Hub of high-quality sound technology leader Heathrow or JFK of Korea


I’ll attribute that to just a difference in PR styles between Korea and the U.S, and it’s not really a big deal, because eventually you turn your mind off to these self-congratulating words and the company’s profile then makes sense.

What really bothers me about Korean company PR after the jump.

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