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Wow. That’s all I can say.



K-pop before it was K-pop

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K-pop is.. I don’t know… just… well sometimes it is good, and sometimes it is just sad. I used to like K-pop back in high school and college, but I think that’s mainly because nobody else liked it. Yeah, call me a hipster if you want to… The reason I liked it was because few others did, and it still sounded cool. But when you live in an environment like me, you realize that K-pop is just as unoriginal and manufactured as the music in the US that I was trying desperately not to listen to back then. (And it turns out I missed a lot of the more poppier of pop musics.

Anyway, here is a decent list of Korean songs from yesteryear that I think are awesome but will never get any play because they aren’t sung by plastic surgery idols.

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Japanese nationalist argues for Okinawan independence?

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Shuri Castle in Okinawa

Shuri Castle in Okinawa, from

Now I have heard everything. Japanese nationalists are so quick to demand that Japan has a rightful claim to the Diaoyutai, Dokdo, and the Northern Territories, but in this article a Japanese nationalist argues for Okinawan independence from Japan. I am certain other Honshu based nationalists (creatively called people on the “mainland” in the article) would foam at the mouth over the very idea, but I have to admit, the idea is ingenuous. And I can’t say I totally disagree with it.

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2011 year in Review

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Image from

Since I lack originality I am going to write a post about the statistics on my blog just like Roboseyo and Ask a Korean, though I am not anywhere near either of their leagues yet.

Remember, that this blog was started in April 2010, and I was being paid to write one or more posts per day. Now I’m lucky if I get one per week. For this reason it is pretty obvious that an overwhelming majority of my content comes from 2010, which is why many 2010 posts rank extremely high in 2011 rankings.

    Top 5 Most read 2011 posts on Eugene is Huge!

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