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All of Final Fantasy Takes Place on the Exact Same Planet!

Posted in Uncategorized on January 29, 2015 by yujinishuge

Before you read this through I will add a disclaimer that I don’t have any control over the official story of the Final Fantasy series, so this really just amounts to elaborate fan fiction and some really desperate attempts to link together games that are similar but can’t likely be related.


With this guide, I will attempt to show how all the Final Fantasies are on the same planet. This will explain:

1. Why topography of the planet is different between games even if they are on the same planet.

2. Why the Gysahl greens are called such even though there is no town called Gysahl in most games.

3. Why multiple different towns called Mysidia were built.

4. How Cid in each game is in fact the same person.

5. Why crystals are so important to the series.

6. Why the character classes are largely consistent through each game.


How will I do this? Time Travel!!!!  Read on after the jump!


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