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If you’re not going to plead guilty…

Posted in Shaking my head on October 31, 2011 by yujinishuge
Police woman escorting the accused, now convicted, Takeuchi

Police woman escorting the accused, now convicted, Takeuchi

I just learned that a court in Malaysia has found Mariko Takeuchi, a Japanese traveler, guilty of drug trafficking and sentenced her to death.  Normally I would not want to write about these kinds of things, because I find that writing about someone’s inevitable death is not too fun, but when reading an article about this case, I just have to shake my head.

First she claimed not to know about 3kg of drugs in a bag that she was carrying, saying that someone in Dubai, UAE gave her the bag to give to someone in Malaysia.

Up until this point, her side of the story is believable.  Perhaps the person in Dubai is a trusted friend of hers, and she never suspected that the person would use her as a drug trafficker. Even though one of the things that ground staff and customs always asks you before you board a plane is “Did anyone ask you to transport luggage for them with contents unknown to you?” it still is quite possible that she didn’t speak English well enough to answer that question.  So I felt sorry for her for a few paragraphs, because I thought that there might be a possibility that she is innocent.

Later, I came upon the paragraphs where she argued her case… Continue reading


The case for Korean ownership of Dokdo

Posted in Korea, Senseless Griping on October 19, 2011 by yujinishuge

Dokdo is Korean Territory. But perhaps not for any of the reasons you would think.

I have to admit, this is a post that I have been avoiding for quite a long time. When I was the Seoul Searcher, basically a mouthpiece for a Korean governmental organization, I decided it would be best to avoid the subject entirely because the point of the project I was involved in was not to stir up controversy regarding Korea’s international relations. You can see that starting in 2011, this blog went through a drastic change and I started to write about what I like, mainly complaining about things and discussing nerdy things that I like.

That said, I wrote a post criticizing several videos that were meant to promote the idea that Dokdo belongs to Korea, and it proved to be a hit with several people on the Japanese side of the argument, including a Japanese nationalist website that linked to me. One of the people who visited my blog asked me to present my case for Korean ownership of Dokdo.

I’d like to know why you believe Dokdo is Korean territory. Korean government has been fabricating evidences from the beginning and brainwashing their people with nationalistic song while Japan has established evidences like documents, archaic maps, official statement and international treaty.

I am an admin on the facebook group “Dokdo Belongs to Korea.” When I first joined the group, it was very disorganized, and although its stated purpose was to encourage discussion and debate about Dokdo, it appeared to be overrun with people who just wanted to shout that Dokdo is Korean, or who thought it was a place that racism towards Japanese was appropriate.  Since becoming an admin, I and the other admins have done our part to try to clean it up and to encourage actual debate.  One of the reasons I wanted to do this is because there are far too many people on the Korean side of the argument who don’t even really know why Dokdo belongs to Korea.  You’ll find reasons ranging from

“It’s Korea’s because it’s Korea’s.”

“It’s Korea’s because the Japanese did so many evil things to us when we were their colony.”

“It’s Korea’s because the Japanese call it Takeshima which means bamboo island and there is no bamboo there!”

“It’s Korea’s because the US Army said it was after World War II”

or my favorite

“Shut up, I don’t have to prove anything to you because you are not Korean and can’t understand Korean feeling.  You should stop bothering us.”

So, I am writing this post because I want to lead by example.  I will attempt to analyze the government sponsored Japanese arguments for Japanese ownership, then state my case for Korean ownership.  I want this area to be used for constructive debate on the subject.  I would hope that anyone who chooses to comment on this post be respectful to other commenters, myself, and to refrain from racist remarks.

And to the Japanese following that I seem to have amassed in the past few days:


I am sure there are a few errors up there, but I’ve not used Japanese in quite a while, so sorry for that.

At any rate, I’ll get started on presenting the case after the jump.

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Eugene… in a Yankees cap? What’s going on?

Posted in Uncategorized on October 9, 2011 by yujinishuge

So for many of you, you might not be aware that I’ve been a regular guest on Korean English language radio for TBS on its show Sports Weekend. All readers of this blog should be well aware that I absolutely abhor the New York Yankees. I hate them so much, that on a trip to New York, I just had to pose for this picture at the stadium store in the old Yankee Stadium…

Did Yankees fans get angry with me for doing this? Probably not, because they laugh at Orioles fans.

But let’s get real, it’s just sports, right? Continue reading


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Hello helllo

Pizza is Korean?

Posted in Korea on October 7, 2011 by yujinishuge

Oh my gosh! Koreans like to claim that they invented everything with very little evidence. Soccer? It’s Korean! Chinese Characters? They’re Korean! Hell, didn’t you know? Koreans were the first people on the Earth and jumpstarted civilization everywhere else in the world. Ancient Egypt? Korean! India? Korean! Great Britain? Korean!!!

The fact that there are people that actually believe things like this makes me SOOOOOOO Angry! But it’s because of crazy documentaries like these that air on Korean TV that it warps people’s minds. Koreans are so gullible!

The very idea is preposterous because Korean pizza is so terrible, remember when I wrote about that?

Here, watch this video that claims Korea invented Pizza and Italy stole it.

My impressions and point to point refutation of the video after the break. Continue reading

Blog app, new job

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I just found out now that my blog looks totally different on an iPad than it does on my computer. You can also swipe between different pages which is kinda neat. I would like to have some say as to how it looks, but I have yet to figure that out.

That’s still cool though.

What’s going on? I start a new job on Monday and before I start I need to get a lot of paperwork and medical work in order. I am really not sure why my employer needs to know if I have hepatitis or whatever other diseases they are checking for, but free med check is fine by me.

But in addition to all that I need to give them all these other certificates that prove I did not lie on my resume. This includes:

Proof of residence that I had to go to a government office to get.

Proof that I graduated where I said I did. Meaning I had to go to Yonsei University to get a paper that says I graduated, because simply copying my diploma is not acceptable.

Proof of prior employment,where I have to go everywhere I have previously worked and get a certificatemfrom them. I actually talked my new employer down to just two previous jobs. I guess resume fraud might happen quite a bit?

So that’s what I did today. I collected a lot of paperwork.


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Every one of my posts seems to be listed as uncategorized, which is fine, but I am in the process of putting the posts in categories. I like tags better, but whatever. Maybe I should just make the uncategorized category into “blog posts” but that might be seen as lazy.

Well whatever. New posts will come as soon as I have something to write or complain about.