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Sparse Posting

Posted in Uncategorized on August 18, 2012 by yujinishuge

I know I have not written here for a while. The reason is because I actually have two writing jobs and they both take all my creative juices away. My readership has dwindled because I don’t update as often…


It also appears that I’ve gotten a lot of traffic the past week thanks to my Dokdo posts. Leave it up to the controversy over Dokdo to drive traffic to my blog. Not complaining of course, but I think it is high time that people realize that it is time to talk logically about Dokdo. I’ve gotten a lot of complimentary comments that I don’t want to publish because they seem to be very ignorant. Let’s just say I don’t really like it when people say to me “Yeah, Eugene! Stick it to those no good dirty Jerps!” I can’t get down with that..

By the way that’s an extremely mild version of what most of the comments say.

And another thing. If you’re Korean and you’re calling Japanese people monkeys…. how do you think that non-Asians view you? I guess the retort would be “I don’t care what non-Asians think.”

But if that were really the case then why are you trying to convince non-Asians that Dokdo is Korean?


How do I make Monopoly fun again?

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Actually, Monopoly is still fun, for me anyway, but a lot of people complain that it takes too long and nothing ever happens. Well those people simply do not know how to play. Youre supposed to make deals with other players to get a color group and bankrupt everyone else instead of just going around and around paying 22 dollars here and there.

Another problem is the house rules people play by whereupon the Free Parking space gives y $500 and too much money is infused into the game.

So if you eliminate those rules then the game should just go smoothly.


But that’s not necessarily fun.


If you want to have a different Monopoly experience, try these house rules.

The everyone is rich game…

1. Start with $2000

2. Get 400 for passing go, 800 for landing on it.

3. Free Parking collects fines and taxes and starts with $500 which is replenished when anyone lands there.

Analysis: With this game, you will see for sure that it really does come down to statistics. The reds triumph over all, but having the reds and oranges while your opponent has the entire rest of the board, you will still have a higher chance at winning.


The everyone is poor game

1. Start with $1000

2. No salary for passing go

3. Auction all declined properties starting at $1.

4. No free parking

Analysis: The only way that money can be infused into the game is by chance and community chest cards, thereby necessitating that some things get auctioned off cheaply. I got Boardwalk for $35 when I played this way. Railroads become the best properties. The 4th side of the board is practically worthless because nobody has enough money to build anything over there.

The Utilities matter rule

1. If you own one utility you get 5 percent of all rent collected on properties with houses or hotels. (That’s $100 if someone lands on Boardwalk with a hotel.)

2. If you own both utilities, you get 20% of all rent collected on properties with houses or hotels (That’s $400 if someone lands on Boardwalk with a hotel.)

3. If there are no houses or hotels in play, you get the standard utility fee if someone lands on your utility.  If there is a house or hotel in play then landing on utilities is free.

This rule applies even if you land on someone else’s property with houses and hotels, in effect giving you a discount.

Analysis: It might not seem like much for some properties, but you’re basically getting rent for other people’s stuff.

Actually riding the railroads

1. When you land on a railroad, you may travel to another railroad space owned by the same person. You only have to pay the fare for the first railroad, because you are getting off at the second one.

Analysis: This makes the game a lot less about statistics, because people will ride the railroads to get past dangerous monopolies. Purples become huge in this game, especially if Boardwalk and Park Place are developed, because people will go to Reading Railroad to avoid that one.


If I think of more I’ll write them.