Sparse Posting

I know I have not written here for a while. The reason is because I actually have two writing jobs and they both take all my creative juices away. My readership has dwindled because I don’t update as often…


It also appears that I’ve gotten a lot of traffic the past week thanks to my Dokdo posts. Leave it up to the controversy over Dokdo to drive traffic to my blog. Not complaining of course, but I think it is high time that people realize that it is time to talk logically about Dokdo. I’ve gotten a lot of complimentary comments that I don’t want to publish because they seem to be very ignorant. Let’s just say I don’t really like it when people say to me “Yeah, Eugene! Stick it to those no good dirty Jerps!” I can’t get down with that..

By the way that’s an extremely mild version of what most of the comments say.

And another thing. If you’re Korean and you’re calling Japanese people monkeys…. how do you think that non-Asians view you? I guess the retort would be “I don’t care what non-Asians think.”

But if that were really the case then why are you trying to convince non-Asians that Dokdo is Korean?



5 Responses to “Sparse Posting”

  1. First of all they’re trying to convince non-Koreans that Dokdo is Korean, not “non-Asians.” How is a “non-Asian” any different from an Asian of non-Korean/Japanese persuasion (like a Chinese or Indian) in regarding this issue? They want international recognition. Not social validation from a white guy.

    Second why would calling Japanese folks, monkeys have any different sort of connotation for “non Asian” readers? For example is an “asian” person from Singapore going to somehow have an “asian” understanding of inveterate name calling that non asians do not have? Again you mean non Korean.

    A lot of these dudes how live overseas maybe internalize some of the local biases. At first blush the wording in your post seems a bit rough at best and a bit paternalistic on the more shady side. Let’s clean it up a bit shall we?


    • Actually in both cases I mean non-Asian.

      Allow me to explain.

      1. A Korean person calling a Japanese person a monkey as seen from the non-Asian perspective…. Asian person acts like monkey to be racist to fellow Asian person……. ??!!??

      2. They are trying to convince Non-Asians that Dokdo is Korean. Are non-Asians not included in non-Korean? Doesn’t non-Asian work better here because it is in reply to “I don’t care what non-Asians think?”

      Maybe it’s not the best written piece though.

  2. Glad you’re back. I’ve been waiting for your new article. I was worried something happened to you.

    By the way, do you know where Korean’s “monkey insulting” came from? It’s my longtime question.

    • I believe it is Western in origin… possibly American… which is why it makes even less sense for Koreans to use it, because most racial slurs from the West refer to all people of that particular color.

      • Thank you. Some Japanese jokingly like to call themselves monkey in belittling way towards white people, but I’ve never heard they use for other races or nationalities.
        But we can’t say about Koreans because some people are doing similar things like ‘slant eyes’. I really don’t get that.
        There’s an interesting copy&paste phrase often seen on the net. “They call us monkey as if they are white. They call us 倭(midget) as if they are Chinese. They call us Jap as if they are American. They celebrate atomic bombs as if they win the war while in fact many fellow Koreans were killed by them too.”

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