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I’m Korean, I have a book that proves it!

Posted in About me, Korea on August 3, 2011 by yujinishuge

I wanted to start writing something after reading a back and forth debate between The Korean from ‘Ask a Korean!’ and Roboseyo over China’s registration of the Korean song Arirang with UNESCO as important artifact of Chinese heritage. Now, I’m not going to get much into that particular debate other than to say I understand why the actions of the Chinese government would piss Koreans off, and that China probably should not do it, or should have consulted with Korea first. I don’t know about any sinister claims to land that can be made from registration with UNESCO, and I don’t think that’s how UNESCO works, but this is a debate that I really don’t want to get into.

That said, the Korean took a really interesting approach in his side of the debate, suggesting that since East Asians place a huge emphasis on their past, this development is more troubling than Roboseyo, an uncouth culture-less North American can comprehend (sarcasm here, I know that’s not how he really meant it). The Korean opened his argument with a recounting of how he learned who he was. Continue reading