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More media criticism.

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Days after the earthquake/tsunami there were reports that Japan had moved 2.4 meters to the east. Fair enough, that’s news. But one particular news source in Korea, the Chosun Ilbo reported this fact with such ridiculous spin that it looks as if it came off the mostly well written satirical blog “Dokdo is Ours”.

See, the Chosun Ilbo couldn’t leave well enough alone when they wrote their article. Instead of simply reporting the fact, they had to cleverly kick the Japanese when they are down. Here’s an excerpt from their article:

Japan shifted altogether 2.4 m to the east due to the earthquake, moving further away from Dokdo.

Now, again, I’m 100% certain that Dokdo belongs to Korea, and I cherish the opportunities that I am given where I can make my case. (Perhaps a future post will come up where I will do as much. We’ll see.)

However, I believe that there is a proper time and proper avenue for which to deal with the dispute over Dokdo, and the time and place to do this is not 6 days after the worst disaster that postwar Japan has seen in an article that should be about plate tectonics.
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Sexy Shanghai Siren? Femme Fatales stealing our secrets? The modern Mata Hari?

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Okay, this is the story that I was planning to do a few weeks ago but I never got around to writing it.  First, we had the earthquake and tsunami that I thought was more interesting to write about.  Then I was out of town the weekend after that.  So It’s awfully late, but let me tell you a bunch of lies fabricated by the Korean media to boost sales or generate page views a news story that had my eyes and ears glued to the media for nearly a week.

Well, okay, it was actually my job to report domestic news in English every day of the week on the radio, and if you only have a 10-15 minute time slot to do it, that means that you have to choose 4 or 5 stories, and they have to be about the big 4 issues. 1. North Korea. 2. Education. 3. Boring Business or boring economic policy. 4. Scandals involving high profile businessmen or government officials.

So on my rundown for Monday, I picked up a story about a Korean diplomat in the Shanghai consulate who had been caught bending visa rules for someone, and being investigated for it. The investigation revealed that he actually had been having a romantic relationship with her, and she was actually the wife of a Korean businessman who also was living in Shanghai. The diplomat eventually resigned from his post, and that was that… or so I thought. Continue reading

Japan haters who are happy about the disaster are dumb.

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People often ask me why I left America... Click to Enlarge.


Check this link out.

A bunch of morons saying Japan deserves this for killing dolphins. Yea, thanks a lot guys, that’s really helpful. Idiots.

I want to also tell you the story of a guy on the bus who heard me talking on my cell phone in Japanese, then used his broken English to confront me about it.

Him: Why do you speak Japanese? Here is Korea.
Me: Just talking to my cousin.
Him: Do you know Tsunami?
Me: Yea, it’s pretty terrible what happened. I hope everything is okay.
Him: I think they deserve it. They hurt our country so much.
Me: I see. (get up to change seats)
Him: You don’t know our history?
Me: No, I probably know more than you do, so I don’t want to hurt your ego more than it’s already hurt by arguing with you logically.
Him: (to his friend next to him)아, 외국인들이 모두 친일파지?
Me: (sigh)

And then the resulting post on facebook which started a frenzy:

Just met a guy who told me he was happy about Tsunami because Japanese deserve it…..

Won’t be meeting him ever again.

And the first reply:
その人のチンコをパンチしてください。お願いね (google translate it if you don’t read Japanese. It’s really funny!)

Ah yea.. What a world of idiots we live in.

Sparse posting due to quake and tsunami.

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I was originally going to write about the “sex scandal” in Shanghai that I’ve been following all week but as of yesterday I’ve been glued to the TV watching NHK and all the horrific damage from the offshore earthquake and resulting tsunami. I really hope everyone in Japan is ok. It really makes my post criticizing certain diplomats and not so hot femme fatales seem not important.

I’ll still probably write that later but for now… prayin for Japan. YIKES.