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Korea as the next superpower?!?!??!?!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , on July 7, 2010 by yujinishuge

After reading this article by Hank Hyena, where he builds the case for Korea to become the world’s next superpower, I can’t say I totally agree with him, but he makes a pretty decent case.

According to him, a unified Korea is ripe to be a huge player in the world.  He lists off several criteria such as:

e-Democracy – The idea that the public’s voice is more heard than in other less wired nations.

Hardworking Economy – The idea that Korea’s annual growth since 1960’s until now could have Korea rivaling Japan by 2050… a unified Korea, that is.

Robot Future – Korea leads the world in robotics technology and will probably pioneer the robot age, eventually leading to a society like in the movie I, Robot, with Korea as its center.

Military Might – The combined military strength of both North and South Korea along with any estimates in nuclear and shipbuilding technology makes Korea’s the strongest military in the world.

Massive Mineral Wealth – Apparently, North Korea is built over the motherlode.  If Korea unites and infrastructure is bestowed upon North Korea, then  Korea will be super rich.

Education – Echoing sentiments from U.S. President Barack Obama.  The Korean thirst for knowledge is second to none.

Green Goals – Korea is poised to dominate the new Green industry.

Cyber Warfare – Korea’s IT knowhow is set up to counter North Korea’s.  If they could stop working against each other, then they’ll be super strong and able to take down any nation they want at any time.

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Apple I-Phone 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S

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The Galaxy-S is poised to sell well as an alternative to the i-Phone 4.

Okay, this isn’t exactly my opinion, but it’s my opinion of a translation of someone else’s opinion.

Another anonymous blogger that I follow, “The Korean” from the blog “Ask A Korean“, actually translated the original text from a Korean language tech blog called Alternative Hypothesis, run by Kim Sang Hoon, who works at the Dong-A Ilbo newspaper.  Trying to read it myself would have taken me probably all day, so thanks to “The Korean” for translating.

After reading the translation I can see exactly how Samsung’s marketing strategy is kind of genius.  Everyone knows that people want the i-Phone, and the Galaxy-S is… well pretty much the phone that people bought who for some reason or another couldn’t get their hands on an i-Phone.  That said, Samsung seems poised to clean up with it.

I’m not going to post the whole article, but the most interesting part of it follows: Continue reading