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10 Korean products I would export to the U.S. (if I had an export business) #10, SAC SAC Orange Juice

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Love in a can.

This is the beginning of a series of articles in which I will highlight a product that is specific to Korea (in only the Korean market) and make a case for why it should be exported to the U.S. I’ve made a list of 10 of these products, and I think they would do extremely well in the U.S. market either because they don’t exist there (and I think Americans would definitely use them) or they are better than their American counterpart.
10. SAC SAC Orange Juice

You might be scratching your head on this one.  Afterall, we have orange juice in America, right?  Well yes, we do, but SAC SAC is better. Here’s why… Continue reading


BMW? More like KMW!

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I'm not so sure what this picture is supposed to feature. The phone? The other phone? The other other phone? The girl? The car? One thing is for sure, the picture is DEFINITELY Korean.

What’s KMW?
Well in German, BMW is “Bayerische Motoren Werke” (Bavarian Motor Works). But as we all know, in today’s unapologetically capitalistic globalized world, cars you would expect to be made in certain countries are actually made in others, with parts coming from a wide variety of other places other than the original country of the company.
Take for instance my mother’s 2nd car, which she got in the 1990’s. It was a Dodge Colt. Dodge being a brand of the Chrysler family of cars, you’d expect that the Dodge Colt was made in the U.S. However, the key that came with the car was clearly labeled as “Mitsubishi”. This is because the car was actually a clone of the Mitsubishi Mirage, and through some deal that Dodge and Mitsubishi had, was sold under the Dodge brand. So, given that it was really a Mitsubishi, it should have been made in Japan right? Wrong, it was outsourced by Mitsubishi to Daewoo, which at the time was one of Korea’s leading car manufacturers. So, my mom’s “American” car was in fact Korean by way of Japan. And that’s just talking about where it was assembled! No doubt the parts came from all over the place! I learned this later when I bought my good ol’ Honda Civic in the late 1990’s. It was made in Ohio, with a lot of parts made in Mexico, with Japanese design. Man I miss that car. Sigh..
But still! KMW?!?!?!??! Continue reading

SS gets a new LG cell phone!

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This is pretty much the conditions that I drove home in. No, that's not me, and no, that's not in Seoul, but the picture gives you an idea of how things were.

On Friday of last week, I drove my motorbike to work. My workplace is south of the Han river, and my home is north of the Han. After a long day of work, I decided to take the motorbike home as well. The sky was a bit cloudy but there wasn’t any rain out yet. I thought since usually it only takes me 30 minutes on the bike to get from point A to point B, that this wouldn’t be a problem.

Seoul is an interesting city in that there is a river bisecting it. Often rivers can act as pressure boundaries for weather systems. Sure, all was dry in Gangnam (Gangnam means south of the river) but once I got on the bridge, headed towards Gangbuk (Gangbuk means north of the river), the torrential rains came pouring down.

I’m a man, I can take a little driving in the rain with no raincoat. A little water never bothered me. But this was, decidedly, not simply a little water. It was a huge thunderstorm, complete with idiots who can’t drive in the rain, flood like conditions, and inside out umbrellas.

Goodbye dear friend...

I made it home just fine. But needless to say, I had to peel my clothes off of me because they were so wet. Unfortunately my dinosaur cellular phone was in my pocket and my digital camera was in my backpack. The old cell phone was ruined. I heard that there’s this method where you take off the battery pack and dry it in rice. Usually this is what they suggest if you drop the cellular phone in the toilet and quickly fish it out or something. Mine was immersed in water for longer than 15 minutes. Continue reading

JYP's new girl group, Miss A debut!

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So which ones are the bad girls, and which ones are the good girls?

Miss A’s debut single Badgirl Goodgirl released.

Out of all the entertainment companies in Korea, I think I have to say that I like JYP the best.  The big three companies are SM, YG, and JYP.  SM is the largest and most corporate.  They create stars and hits on an assembly line.  I get the feeling that SM’s music is mass produced, though I must admit that I really don’t know, because I’m not in the music biz.   YG is all about hip hop music, and in an earlier article, I mentioned that it was created by Yang Hyun Seok, who was originally a member of Seo Taiji & Boys.  YG has a definite hip hop flavor moreso than the other two companies.  Finally, I like JYP because Park Jin Young is a musical genius.  Some people like to say that he’s the Korean Michael Jackson.  I’d have to agree that Park Jin Young is in the same league when it comes to making music, but Michael Jackson was the greatest performer that ever lived.  JYP is at his best when he’s making music for other people (Rain, G.O.D., 2PM, Wonder Girls, etc.)  Yes, to make a long story short, I like JYP more than the other two large entertainment companies.

What’s special about Miss-A? Continue reading

Ulzzang and Circle Lenses

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Ulzzang is a look that emphasizes white skin and huge eyes.

A reader of mine asked me to write an article on this subject.  Please know though, that this is going to be from a male perspective.

A new word coming into the English language lexicon is “ulzzang”.  This is based on the Korean slang word 얼짱, and online sources say it means “the best face” (얼굴 eolgul = face, 짱 jjang = best).  I don’t think it’s really a good translation because it doesn’t convey nuance.  If I were going to translate it I’d call it “Super Face.”

So, what is Ulzzang?

It is a series of makeup and lighting techniques designed to make the eyes appear larger, and the skin appear whiter.  It basically gives people a plastic surgery look without plastic surgery.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to spend hours and hours doing this kind of thing before going out each morning.  Being a guy rocks!

Is it really popular in Korea?

Um.. I guess?  It seems to be all over the internet, but all the tutorials of how to do it are done by either Asian-Americans or Asians in other countries outside of Korea.  I can’t say with any authority (because I am a man), but I think it’s more of a subculture in Korea that other people in other countries assume is mainstream, kind of how anime nerds think all Japanese people like anime, only to be surprised to find out that the Japanese who like it are also anime nerds.  That isn’t to say that the ulzzang girls are nerds, but looking at the women I see on the street, on the bus, or in my company, there are positively no ulzzangs in my line of sight.

The makeup techniques of ulzzangs are amazing.  The photo below shows before makeup and after makeup of the same person!

Yes, these pictures are of the SAME PERSON!


WOW! How can I look like that? Continue reading

Korea and the 2002 FIFA World Cup (How the Seoul Searcher began to care about soccer)

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Well, at least it's an improvement over "Be the Reds!"

In a little over 10 days the 2010 FIFA World Cup will begin. I am eagerly anticipating the World Cup. This is a craze that I have gotten into every four years since….

Hey, wait a minute, Seoul Searcher. You’re an American are you not? Americans don’t like football!

Actually football is our most popular sport. Admittedly, soccer is not.

It’s football.

Actually in standard English American English, it’s soccer, because we have our own game called football, which the rest of the world likes to call American Football. That point aside, it’s true, soccer is not ranked very high in the United States. Our four most watched sports are baseball, football, basketball and ice hockey. The reason for this is…

This is a Korea blog. Please talk about Korean football.

Ok ok. You’re the one who asked why I liked soccer in the first place. I’ll answer the question. In 1994, the U.S. hosted the FIFA World Cup. I couldn’t have cared less. At the time, I was in high school and I was disillusioned with professional sports altogether. I think in 1994 one of the only games I watched involved the Korean team. My stateside Korean relatives seemed to be really pumped up for it, but the only thing that I noticed was the U.S. announcers mispronouncing the names Hwang (they said H-way-ng)and Seo (they said SEEYO). 1998 in France was altogether forgettable to me. I don’t even remember watching any of the Korean games. The only U.S. game I watched was an embarrassment vs. Iran. So my interest in the world cup officially started in 2002.

What happened in 2002?

Continue reading

World IT Show 2010 – VISITED!

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Women say that there is a 3D HD LED TV display in the picture, but not a single man has found it yet.

So yesterday I decided to check out the 2010 World IT Show in the Coex Exhibition Hall. What I saw there will blow you away. There were three different halls, the small business hall (from specific regions) and then the corporate hall. OBVIOUSLY the corporate hall was really flashy and amazing even for the most insignificant of products. However, that doesn’t mean that the small business hall was by any means boring. In fact, there were a few dazzling products there too.

Quite possibly the best thing I saw there was several versions of the 3D TV. Some of them needed glasses, others didn’t. In all cases the TV looked like you were looking in, rather the image on the TV coming out at you.

One independent company made the hologram TV, which made it look like the image was right in front of you, but you had to be right in front of the TV and at the right angle, otherwise it wouldn’t be at all visible. I think this is a technology they have not yet mastered, but I am sure we will see more of it in the future.

What else did you see there?

A lot, actually. Read about it after the jump! Continue reading