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Gostop! STOP!!! STOPPP!!!!!

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Beautiful cards. Evil game!

So I spent saturday night at home with my wife, my 2 brothers in law, and my brother in law’s wife (which is also my sister in law, right?  Heck, I don’t know..)

Well, after eating an awesome dinner we started to gamble on things.  First was Tekken 6 on my PS3.  I generally am better than either of them, but because I don’t play Tekken 6 as much as I played 5, or 4, or 3, some of the new characters are difficult to play against.  I still prevailed and won more than I lost.  This gave me a little bit of pocket money.

We then switched to poker, and I schooled them in Texas Hold’em.  I then got schooled in 7 card stud, but it was for lower stakes than the previous two games, so I was still on top.

Then they decided to switch to GoStop!

What’s GoStop?

GoStop is a Korean game… no wait.  It’s a Japanese game… no wait… It’s a Korean game played with Japanese cards that has some similarity to an originally Japanese game, but it’s not quite as popular in Japan anymore as it is in Korea.

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Pump it up!

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In the late 1990’s a shift in video games occurred. In the 1980’s it was pretty much established that video games were to be played with a hand held controller. The shift occurred as video game technology changed. Games home games went to 3D, and were still primarily being played with a controller, but the coin operated games started needing a gimmick to be worth spending lots of money in an arcade. (Afterall, why would anyone pay good money to play a game in the arcade instead of waiting a few months to buy the home version, which they can play for free?)

So, what kinds of gimmicks started to be prominent?
Well, the first type were the gun games. These actually were not new, as gun games had been made since the 1970’s. But as graphical technology increased, the 3D realism of the gun games made them popular.

And then Japanese arcades became noisier...

Next, there were the music games. Here, the player had to have rhythm to perform a set of actions based on music. There were dancing games, band games, DJ games, and all sorts of games requiring manipulation of a musical instrument-like controller. Here, we will be mainly concerned with the dancing games.
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Starcraft, the national pastime of Korea

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I am often asked by non-Koreans why Starcraft is so popular in Korea.  Starcraft, for those who don’t know, is a real time strategy game made by Blizzard in 1998.  It’s so popular in Korea to the point that there are professional Starcraft leagues, and 2 cable channels dedicated to the game.

In fact, even when Starcraft’s popularity in the U.S. waned in the early 2000’s and long after Blizzard’s next huge game, World of Warcraft was released, Starcraft was just as huge as it always had been in Korea. Continue reading

Dualshock 3 vs. Fantastick, Playstation 3

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I’m really angry right now.  How angry?  I’m livid.  Open your wallet and take out a $50 bill.  Now tear it into tiny tiny pieces and burn them.  That probably won’t make you as angry as I am, because you’re the one who did it to yourself.

To get as angry as I am, you’ll have to give the $50 to someone you trust, then unexpectedly that person will have to tear your $50 into tiny pieces.  Yes, that’s how angry I am.

Why are you so angry?

Well, this is a fairly long story.  A story about me being cheap and waiting a long time to buy expensive things so that they will be cheaper because I’m not the kind of idiot who buys something new just because it’s new.  All video game consoles are expensive when they first come out, because people can’t wait and they line up at stores to buy them.  I laugh at them because when I get around to buying it, it’ll be much cheaper, and I already will know which games and system I want, as I’ve been given ample time to evaluate all the systems before opening up my wallet.  And it’s not like I’m not gonna get a chance to play the games if I don’t buy the system.  Everyone who has the system is going to call me up and ask me to come play with them.

Well this time around it was the same, and I waited patiently as the Nintendo Wii came out, followed by the Playstation 3.  I believe both have been available for 4 years now, and my girlfriend told me that even though I didn’t think I needed another game system that I was going to buy I decided to buy a PS3 and 3 games for only about $320.

The games were pretty fun.  I got a lot of playing time out of Prince of Persia.  Tekken 6 is great if you have someone to play against, as well as FIFA 2010.  All in all I really like the Playstation 3.

Why are you angry again?

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