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I've seen the future and it's in Seoul!

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Today I visited the

The what?

T is a marketing icon for SK Telecom.  They have several shops called T-world, you can get T internet and TV in your house, and cell phones from SKT all have T labels on them.  It’s basically SK’s brand for telecommunications products.

The .um part stands for “ubiquitous museum”.  So I went to the SK Telecom Ubiquitous Museum.  There SK has set up a showcase of possible future uses of its products.  It was really impressive.

I’m really not jerking your chain here.  It really did kind of blow my mind away with how awesome some of the stuff in there was!

Now, you can’t just show up and visit, you have to go to the website and make a reservation.  They only seem to have weekdays at 11:00 available, but if you can make it there, it’s well worth the trip.

So let me tell you about what I saw in there!

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10 Korean products I would export to the U.S. (if I had an export business) #10, SAC SAC Orange Juice

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Love in a can.

This is the beginning of a series of articles in which I will highlight a product that is specific to Korea (in only the Korean market) and make a case for why it should be exported to the U.S. I’ve made a list of 10 of these products, and I think they would do extremely well in the U.S. market either because they don’t exist there (and I think Americans would definitely use them) or they are better than their American counterpart.
10. SAC SAC Orange Juice

You might be scratching your head on this one.  Afterall, we have orange juice in America, right?  Well yes, we do, but SAC SAC is better. Here’s why… Continue reading

Visiting Busan Aquarium

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One of the things I was most eager to see before my trip to Busan was the Busan Aquarium.  I come from Mayland, and in Baltimore, we’ve got one of the best aquariums in the world.  So why on earth would I want to see an aquarium in Korea, expecially when Coex Aquarium in Seoul is nothing compared to Baltimore’s?

Well before the Busan trip, I was looking at several travel websites, and Busan Aquarium got raving reviews.  Many of the reviewers were Japanese, and Okinawa also has an awesome aquarium, much better than Baltimore’s.  “If they like it, it must be good,” I thought.

Well, I must say that Okinawa’s aquarium was better, but I guess Japanese people who write reviews on travel websites about Korea don’t frequent Okinawa that often.

One thing that makes this aquarium amazing though is it is the only aquarium that I have ever been to that lets visitors scuba dive in the aquarium with sharks!  Check out the video to see some of the cool things I saw at the aquarium. Continue reading

Hololight! Cool, but practical?

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You have to see it to understand...

At the 2010 Coex World IT Show, I saw a lot of products, some were really cool, others were just okay, some were totally worthless.  I don’t really know which category to put this next product, Zenex’s hololight into.

It’s not that it’s a bad product, far from it, it does exactly what it is designed for, looks high tech, and it’s really cool.  Not to mention, it’s also futuristic.  This is the kind of stuff I expected to see in sci-fi films about the future. Continue reading

Media Pole in Gangnam Area.

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Well it certainly looks cool...

A few posts back I wrote about these signs in the Gangnam area which I thought were LED signs. Well it turns out, I was totally wrong. I guess that’s my fault for taking a picture from the bus instead of getting out to inspect the thing. Well, last night, I was watching the Korea vs Japan soccer match with some friends in Gangnam after work and I got a closer look at one.

Can the magic of 2002 happen again?

The Korean team is really good this year. Either that, or the Japanese team is really horrible! I can’t believe the ease at which this game was won. I can remember several years ago when a Korea-Japan match was gut wrenching down to the wire. This time.. it was just.. blah. I didn’t really feel any tension after an early goal by Park Jisung (see, if we were going on about Revised Romanization, it would be Bak Ji Seong, but since he himself has chosen Jisung, it’s what we must use). Anyway I think that the Korean team can….

Can you talk about what you were originally talking about? Those signs in Gangnam?

Ah, right. Well it turns out, the thing is actually called a media pole. It’s in fact very similar to Digital View, the touch screen map in the subway stations. Anyway the features I saw on the media pole included news, navigation, and photo mail. There’s a camera in the pole, and you can use it to take a picture of yourself and others, then send the picture to your cellular phone. It’s pretty neat, but I don’t think people are going to use it that often. Maybe I’m wrong though, because It’s still kind of cool.

Here’s a video of it in action.

High Tech nanobots developed in Korea!

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A Borg injecting a victim with nanoprobes, from Star Trek

So, watchers of Star Trek voyager may remember that the Borg assimilated their victims by injecting them with something called nanoprobes. These nanoprobes were microscopic robots that would take over a victim’s cellular functions, thus accelerating the assimilation process.

OKAY you got me! The fact that I still know this proves I’m a Star Trek geek, (also known as a Trekkie). Yes, I know Captain Kirk’s middle name. Yes, I know how stardate translates to real date. Yes, I know that Captain Picard’s first assignment as captain was to the U.S.S. Stargazer. You’ve outed me. How else am I going to segue into a news report about tiny robots that operate in the blood stream?

While the Borg’s usage of tiny robots in Star Trek had a seriously malicious process, Korean scientists have designed nanobots that can clear clogs in a patient’s veins and arteries. There is even some speculation that the technology could later be applied in cancer treatments, but no word on that exactly now.

This article gives a lot of information about the nanobots and how they work.

The robot is designed to move inside arteries guided by an indigenously developed movement control algorithm and a three-dimensional electromagnetic field regulated by a joystick. It also has a built-in “drill” or crushing head that can open clogged arteries. The drill is capable of up to 1,800 rotations per minute, while the entire robot can be moved 50mm per minute using the electromagnetic field.

Here is the nanobot. Notice how tiny it is!

According to the article, the robot is maneuverable manually, yet also can be programed to go to a specific point in the body that is pre-programmed. This sounds really high tech and cool, but something about the robot itself scares me. I mean, if something went wrong and I needed to get it out of my body, would I then require surgery?

I imagine that because of this fear, they have yet to test the robot on human subjects, instead they have been using baby pigs. Let’s hope that this new product can be used safely and that it can be beneficial to all.


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Well today on the way to work, I mistakenly got on the wrong bus and fell asleep. When I woke up I was totally in the wrong part of town. I had to get off, and take another bus to get to where I was going. Needless to say I was about 40 minutes late! But that’s not totally terrible, because I noticed something today that I usually fail to notice because I’m usually dozing off at this part of the bus route.

This bus is needed EARLIER

Now, I just want to talk about something that infuriates me. Normally I have to take the bus before 7:40 every morning to get to my office at 9:00. The closer to 7:40 it is, the more people are on the bus. This means if I get the bus at exactly 7:40, I have to stand for about 60% of the bus ride before I get to this one subway station where most of the people get off. Today, when I was late, I ended up getting back on the bus I usually use at 8:30. This bus was a double length bus, capable of holding twice as many people. More space during rush hour makes sense, right? Well the infuriating part is that THE BUS WAS ALMOST COMPLETELY EMPTY!!!!!!!!!!! It should be OBVIOUS then that the double length bus is needed from 7:00 to 9:00, not 8:00 to 9:00. Enough of your whining! What did you see? Ah, okay. Well when I looked out the window I saw this huge pylon with a sign. It’s a giant moving sign. The pylon was basically covered with one LONG screen. It definitely makes the city look futuristic, which I suppose is what the designers were going for, but come on, is it totally necessary? If you ask me, it’s kind of a waste of resources, but it’s still cool. Times Square is famous for its giant neon sign display, so maybe the Nonhyun station area will further develop into Seoul’s Times Square in the future. I’m not sure. Anyway, here’s a video showing what I saw.