Every Hapa Post Ever!

It seems this comment on a facebook discussion got a rise out of some people, so here it is… I acknowledge that this specifically talks about hapas mixed with white in many situations. It is not my intention to exclude anyone from any particular definition, but I’ve found that on a lot of these mixed people places, being white is often taken for granted, sometimes ironically, as a lot of the people claim about being marginalized (see #2) yet marginalize the Blasians and Latasians (and others) among us.

Every hapa post amounts to a few limited themes:

1. We (I) look the best, let’s post pictures and show off (make sure you acknowledge that I am hot).

2. Wah wah. Asians don’t treat us like Asians. AND/OR Wah Wah. Whites treat us either like whites, or not like whites.

3. Yeah I am a monolingual American but dammit, I’m not totally white, so I get to claim to be a minority while asserting various forms of white privelege! (not all fit into this group, but most who do don’t realize that they do.) (Example: I’m incapable of being racist, even though what I just said was incredibly racist.)

4. Here is my unsolicited life story, and/or the story of my parents overcoming racial differences in the name of love. Validate me!

5. This is how I see the world, my identity, our identity, racial politics, etc. You should think and act the same way I do because I am right.

6. Look at how I am embracing both sides of my identity! (A post about music, food, movies or holidays will follow.) Example: I mean wow! I’m eating kimchi with my Thanksgiving turkey on Chuseok, with my white dad while listening to SNSD trying to sing Christmas carols in English! I’m so multicultural!

This is Theme #2

This is Theme #2


2 Responses to “Every Hapa Post Ever!”

  1. Jeez, is it really that bad? I have a long story about my Korean lady friend and one of the local kids. Both his parents are Korean. She has two mixed race kids and they’re “white”. Her two grandchildren have blond hair and blue eyes. She tells me her kids aren’t korean, whatever that means. Anyway, the lady, old enough to be this kid’s mom, behind his back calls him a korean word I can only interpret as “twinkie”. I was appalled. She told me I didn’t know shit about being Asian. She’d never met him and only observed him for a few minutes interacting with a crowd of his non korean friends. I wasn’t able to flesh out the conversation with her and haven’t tired since.

    I’ve known her for 25 years but she’s a bit of a bitch. Been here since she’s 12, married a military man, had a couple of kids. I worked with her until she started her own business, barber shop and school. My whole family has been going to her shop for years. She’s blunt like most Koreans. I tell her she has some of the worst traits of both, Koreans and Americans. She tells me I’m learning too much korean and she doesn’t like it when she can’t talk about me behind my back.

    Anyway I live in a small town. We have a limited Asian population but we’re near a military base, so there’s a handful of families that settled here. My aunt was from the Philippines. Here’s my observation about all the Hapa and Asian kids I know, the most important “asian” thing they have in common is their scary moms. Otherwise they all seem to be just fine in their own skin. They have friends, jobs, and appear happy whenever I see them. Everybody has some kind of angst but socialization doesn’t seem to be a problem for any of these young people I know. BTW. The kid with both korean parents, he’s not allowed to even consider marrying anyone but a korean girl. His mother decrees. I’m interested to see how that turns out.

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