The Korea Times Will Print Anything

Over the years, some of the opinion pieces that appear in the Korea times have baffled me.  The first one I think I really noticed was a piece explaining social media jargon, with tons of outdated or irrelevant slang. My friends and I had a good chuckle over that one.

But see, I don’t read the Korea Times regularly, and these days I only take notice of something published there if it goes semi-viral in facebook.

So that is why we have these:

A food blogger complaining that Koreans are ruining her experience in the foreign enclave by…. being Korean.

A Korean man who has finally solved the age old question of how Koreans and foreigners are different!

Now that is not to say that these are invalid opinions, but honestly I wish the Korea Times would screen what they publish. Most of this stuff would be appropriate on a personal blog… like this one.

I’m going to add more of these as often as I find them.

Old Korean Man Parrots Colonial Era Japanese Propaganda to Suggest Removal of Comfort Woman Statue


14 Responses to “The Korea Times Will Print Anything”

  1. Hi, could you shoot me an email when you see this ? I really would like to talk to you.

    • Seeing as how you’ve not identified yourself, nor explained what it is you would like to discuss, I’m sorry but I can’t email you directly. I will be happy to discuss on this comment page though.

      • Well, I’m just a person who enjoyed your blog a couple years back and I think we had an email exchange about Korean critics and the haters. Not that you would likely remember( sorry for the fucking vagueness) but I was itching to discuss it with someone and you actually came to mind. Plus I have tons of questions regarding the K-blogosphere and you just seemed ideal. I’m just so new and unfamiliar with this shit. So, if that sounds even remotely intriguing, then I was hoping we could chat.

        • Seeing as we’ve had an email discussion, shouldn’t you have my address already? I’m sorry but I have to be a little bit cautious… Let’s discuss here.

          • Sorry for inspiring suspicion, I honestly swear that I’m no one shady.

            We talked before but I have actually long switched phones( it was my only source for internet access) and have had the misfortune of losing your address and like all else in that thing.

            We can definitely talk here I dont mind- I just like my conversations to be more private. I just dont like revealing my vulnerability and dumbassery to everyone who might see.

          • Understood. So what’s on your mind?

          • I also think you emailed me first when I made a comment on one of your posts about Koreans crediting themselves for random inventions and I think you told me you were being sarcastic. And I was like :O

            Thats what I vaguely recall.

          • Ah OK! Just found it. You posted here.

  2. So do you think you can email me? I just realized how fucking emotional im going to get. I would love to hear your perspective.

    • Perspective on what?

      • I have this newfound crippling insecurity about being Korean tbh. Im new to the K-blogosphere but there seems to be an ornery amount of hatred dedicated towards Korea. I feel pretty awful and confused. It just makes me so deoressed about being Korea, I dunno. I wanted to see your perspective on this negativity and hopefully gain some insight as to how other Koreans deal with this. The hate seems so real and just so….brutal. I keep asking myself if we are indeed so awful of a people. Im in a lot of turmoil and it blows.

  3. well I sent you a message on google chat hours ago and you did not reply. This is what is shady, because since then you’ve followed my account and posted here twice.

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