I’m Superman. Well almost

I had a dream yesterday. I was walking up a hill toward my previous apartment. I guess walking up the hill didn’t feel the right way gravitationally as suddenly I was flat on my face on the ground. Since I didn’t fall, there wasn’t any explanation as to how I ended up this way. But it felt right for some reason.

It was then that I realized that I was dreaming and that nothing around me was real. I couldn’t stand up but I could move up the hill by crawling weightlessly using only my hands. There was a bird nearby. I made myself identify the type of bird. I looked directly at it. It was fuzzy. I kept staring at it and slowly it came into detail, but not to the point that I could distinguish it from any other bird. It wasn’t specifically any defined shape. But it looked like a bird. Since that doesn’t make any sense I knew I was dreaming for sure.

I pointed at the bird and thought to myself that I wanted it to be gone since it didn’t make sense. After two or three tries it exploded into many tiny pieces but there wasn’t any blood or bird pieces left over.

So I tried to stand up. Even though I could still feel gravity to my front, I tried to concentrate and ignore that.

I jumped. It was about three times my height. But I slowly descended back to Earth.

None of this is real! I should be able to fly, I thought.

I jumped up in the air again, this time I was slowly rising above the ground… It was getting smaller. I looked forward but I guess dreamworld hadn’t yet decided what that was supposed to look like, so I was again falling to the ground.

I looked all around me to make sure I knew what my surroundings looked like.

I jumped up in the air. I was floating!!! I did it. As I moved upward everything looked as it should. I was rising ever higher. The houses below we’re getting smaller. Suddenly, my back knocked against a tree branch (somehow 500 feet off the ground.) The pain woke me up.

I tried to go back to sleep and renter the dream… It didn’t work… Or if it did I don’t remember.

3 Responses to “I’m Superman. Well almost”

  1. madlocoB Says:

    One soju too many, eh?

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