2011 year in Review

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Since I lack originality I am going to write a post about the statistics on my blog just like Roboseyo and Ask a Korean, though I am not anywhere near either of their leagues yet.

Remember, that this blog was started in April 2010, and I was being paid to write one or more posts per day. Now I’m lucky if I get one per week. For this reason it is pretty obvious that an overwhelming majority of my content comes from 2010, which is why many 2010 posts rank extremely high in 2011 rankings.

    Top 5 Most read 2011 posts on Eugene is Huge!

1. The Case for Korean Ownership of Dokdo
2. Almost all of TV is the imagined universe of an autistic child
3. The Creation of an Asian Major League (baseball)
4. Korean Flower Crab, Maryland Blue Crab, different, but both TASTY!!!!
5. My connection with the Redskins / The Native American Mascot Issue

1. The Dokdo post saw a huge jump in page views in just the past few days to become the most read article on the blog to date, as someone has taken the time to translate it over at gasengi.com. Curious netizens have flocked over in droves to see “the amazing foreign guy who knows more than Koreans about Dokdo.” They also enjoyed my lengthy debate with Ken. Amazingly, none have figured out that I am kind of a Korean-American, even though it says so in many different places on this blog. I don’t mind though, as long as my message about how to go about the Dokdo problem gets out.

2. I seem to have written a pioneer piece about the Tommy Westphall TV universe that got noted on reddit. I think I may be one of the few people to recognize that there are possibly multiple layers in the universe, with Newhart and Star Trek Deep Space Nine being obvious examples. Reddit people came over to check the article out in record numbers, and this post was the most widely read for a long time up until the Dokdo piece came out.

3. The baseball article is a retool from a post from about 10 years ago on livejournal. I advocated the merger of the Korean and Japanese baseball leagues as a way to stimulate the growth of baseball in Asia, and the possibility of one day having an actual world series against the MLB itself. This was posted in 2010, and I guess it got a lot of hits during the baseball season, but I suspect that people are coming to the article just to get a picture of the MLB logo.

4. An article from the early Seoul Searcher days that talked about crabs is popular for some reason. I think it is because there are no definitive pages on the Korean flower crab at all. This is the first thing that comes up on Google if you search for Korean flower crab, therefore, I am the internet authority on Korean flower crabs in the English Language.

5. A piece about the racial issue surrounding the Redskins and many other Native-American mascots that I was admittedly middle ground on seems to be popular among people who care about racial issues in sports, or just want to find a Redskins logo to copy. The piece is from early 2011.

And there you have it, in a Kblog, 2 of the top 5 posts have nothing to do with Korea, and the remaining three are about food, sports, and territorial issues. Perhaps people are right, that I might be better served sticking to an actual theme. I think having a theme is a way to get readers initially, but to keep them, they have to like what you write. I think though that if I want them to like what I write, I have to like what I write, which means I can’t have an actual theme.

What’s in store for 2012?
I don’t have many plans for this blog in 2012, but I have had a few informal discussions about a possible teamup with Roboseyo on a topic that we might have a different viewpoint on, though no specifics have been worked out. I’ll still probably use this space to complain, as I find it to be therapy, and if I find something mind boggling and nerdy, then I might write about it some more. I want to get big on the internetz, but I don’t want to set goals and try to become huge by a certain date. For now, this blog is just a hobby of mine. I’d like to thank all who are reading…


2 Responses to “2011 year in Review”

  1. Hope to see you around this 2012 !!
    Happy new year 🙂

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