This song sucks (Brian Melo – Anything Like Me)

I don’t normally critique songs, I simply don’t listen to those that I don’t like, but this one is just bad. The singer is a good singer, and the song is arranged very well. I’m not certain that the singer wrote the lyrics, so perhaps I am not beefing with him, but for whoever wrote the song… I’m glad you have a hit. Please remember though that those who will want to buy this song are idiots. Find out why I don’t like it after the jump.

Okay, first of all, this is a breakup song. Now, I have nothing against breakup songs especially when they make sense. Generally break up songs fall into four categories.
1. I dumped you and I am happy about it.
2. We mutually broke up because of something not related to cheating but we both want to be together still.
3. You dumped me and I am sad about it, please don’t leave me, my life will never be the same without you!
4. You dumped me but I’ll be okay and you won’t.

This song does not fit into any of these categories. Now that in itself isn’t a problem, but with a breakup song, we have to know where the singer is coming from. What happened? Was he dumped? Did he dump her? How does he feel about it? Once we know that story we can connect with the singer. The story in this song is very very elusive.

Now here are the lyrics to the song. I will analyze them

My, how things change

The love we thought would last for eternity

has gone away, And oh, how I’m over you

Not a bad start. Though usually if you say you thought it would last for eternity, then that means you were dumped recently. But if you say you’re over someone, then it means you were dumped a long time ago, unless you add an “already” in there somewhere. There is no possibility that he did the dumping because to get over someone you have to be dumped. If you’re dumping, then you’re usually over the person already.

The plans we had of a little family,
those beautiful children will never be
and it bothers me, just a little bit, baby

It bothers you? So you’re not over her, you liar!

I hope that you’ll have kids, I really do
They’re probably gonna look just like you
But they won’t look anything like me

I hope you have kids? WTF are you talking about man? You’re concerned for her reproductive health? No, this just sounds creepy! It should be rewritten as “I can’t bear to think that you will have kids with someone who isn’t me, but I will say that I hope you have kids because I want to appear nice, even though I am jealous of the person you are with now and I am pathetic.”

Don’t miss your company, so please don’t call
Don’t miss the sex, no, not at all
And we’re not gonna get back together

This is the lyric that made me want to write the post. Maybe this shows that I am from another generation or that I am old, but I like it better when at least something is left to the imagination. It’s a lot better to imply rather than state it blatantly.. such as “Don’t miss the love we made” or “Don’t miss that ooooh…” or “Don’t miss your touch..” etc And if he’s singing about it, then obviously he misses it.

But in a word that’s upside down,
people running around

only thinking of themselves
you and I connect, both preaching love,

respect and honesty to all of them
I’m just afraid I won’t meet someone like you again

Okay, you’re obviously NOT over her. You miss your relationship with her and you want her to be with you again.

Now I hear you’re gonna be a mother well, good for you
I wish you all the best, I really do
But they won’t look anything like me

And someday maybe I’ll have some babies of my own
But time has shown

that they won’t look anything like you

Well it appears she is totally over you, man. She’s moved on obviously. Grow a pair and take it in stride. When your ex finds someone and you still have feelings for her, you need to just take it like a man.

I don’t wanna get back together baby, don’t wanna talk it out
Really baby, we ain’t got nothing to talk about

Then WHY WHY WHY are you singing this song to her?

This song is sending mixed signals and you have to fit it into a new category:

I got dumped by you, and I am bitter that you found someone else, but I want to assure you that I am over you even though I really am not, so I wrote this song to annoy you with memories of your past to show you that I want you to think I moved on even though I have not, and it is obvious that you have.

It’s a song by that person you broke up with who likes to constantly remind you that you once had a relationship and is trying to get pity from you long after the breakup. It makes the singer look really pathetic. I have no problems with people breaking up and remaining friends, it happens all the time, but being all sappy to appeal to someone’s sense of pity is weak.

Your kids won’t look like me oh boo hoo, but I don’t want to meet you again because I’m fine (even though the previous part of the sentence shows clearly that I do!)

The teenagers who like this song need to listen to some better break up songs


4 Responses to “This song sucks (Brian Melo – Anything Like Me)”

  1. I wish you shelter from the storm, a cozy fire to keep you warm…
    Most of all, when snowflakes fall, I wish you love.
    Frank Sinatra

  2. eric g. Says:

    Damn you! You ruined the song for me. Just kidding. Like you I liked the tune and liked the singing. I didn’t bother to listen to the words until you pointed it out now I don’t like the song because it contradicts itself. Thanks for pointing it out.

  3. Fuck you 😀 I love this song

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