I’ve crossed over!

Art shamelessly lifted from Nerdesque

I’ve crossed over! You may recall that post I did a few months ago that argued for Korean ownership of Dokdo? This was as a response to some Japanese nationalists who had gotten wind of my criticism for one Korean’s approach to the problem.

The post caused a debate with one Japanese person, Ken (who can be a very logical and effective debater when he doesn’t let his nationalism get the best of him). The debate raged on and on, and eventually someone caught wind of it and posted it on a Korean bbs, Gasengi.com. The response was rather limited as most of the people were unable to read what I wrote, but there were a lot of incoming inquiries from google translate. After a while the hits from Gasengi died down….

Until yesterday.

My site’s traffic saw a huge jump yesterday and I wanted to see why, so I checked where people were coming from. It was then that I noticed that someone named secret, on Gasengi took it upon himself to TRANSLATE MY ENTIRE BLOG POST… INCLUDING THE COMMENTS!

They’ve also published a picture of me there, and have to this extent not asceretained that I am of the persuasione of those not indivgenous to that which is localle amongst this doemain. The verbiation is cryptologically onsetted here because one protagoneist desires to as of yet assure the continued secrecey hence.

If you get it.. you get it. They could have figured it out easily by reading other posts.. but whatever, I want to keep it on the DEE ELLL for now. If you don’t get it. There are purposeful spelling mistakes there to inhibit easy translation, tho something tells me these people are smart and will figure it out anyway.

Well all I can say is that I am honored that I am receiving all this positive attention and I am glad that people on both sides of the argument are realizing that it is better to talk logically instead of using racism or nationalism to argue over something that can and should be solved through debate, and through my blog, these people have an avenue to interact with each other.


I want to reiterate again, that I don’t think it is right for people to use racial slurs, like “Japanese Monkey, Jap, Chotpali, Chinilpa, or even the suffix NOM” You may feel like it is okay to do that in your own language, but you never know who can read what you write. It makes the Korean side look weak when people do that. STOP.

I would also say to the Japanese side… you look exceedingly weak when you group your Takeshima argument with assertions of Korea’s attempts to steal the origin manga or karate or whatever from Japan, or even worse, try to explain that the colonial era was just and that Koreans wanted it. While it is true that we can say that the colonial era did plant the seeds of rapid Korean economic growth, it is not fair to say that Koreans ought to be thankful for this, as it was in place to serve the needs of Japanese, not Koreans. I have not read the Japanese nationalist boards, but I also think that I should say that it is important to remove any racial slurs that may be, or anything along the effect of “garlic smelling”, the term “Chosenjin” (without a “kita” in front of it) or any other language used in a derogatory way towards Koreans. Let’s talk about Dokdo or Takeshima here… not breed hate

I really hope that one day Koreans and Japanese can consider each other allies, friends, and brethren, not just on a personal level among specific individuals or on official diplomatic rhetoric, but the two societies as a whole. So much more is to be gained in this manner than to keep ripping scabs off of each other’s wounds.


2 Responses to “I’ve crossed over!”

  1. I saw the transrations in Gasengi. I was little disapointed, because the Koreans use the insults. and I’m sorry about the fact that they uploaded your photo at their disposal. Because Internet is the public space and allows all people to know lots of things including the dirty things, people must be more careful for the writing, but they are not. I am also glad that the members of Gasengi translate your posting, but they have to be more logical.

    P.S In fact, I have some troubles to read your posting in English, I am looking forward to seeing their translations! Haha..

    • Yeah, I can totally understand where the insults are coming from, because people have been taught to hate Japan by the Korean education system or by their parents. Some need to question why they feel this way.

      Also, I don’t know if anyone realizes how stupid it sounds for Koreans to call Japanese “monkeys”. Makes no sense whatsoever.

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