Why Domino’s Pizza Korea won’t be getting my money


I am now officially rooting for you, Mr. Noid.

I’m hungry and very very angry.

I like Pizza, you can see another article about that. Well recently I’ve been using Domino’s Pizza Korea’s website to order pizza because they give you a discount if you order online. Also they finally have allowed you to get a thin crust and choose your own toppings. Well between the last time I ordered a pizza from them and today something on the website changed. Let me tell you how my order went, complete with time.

00:00:00 Decide I want to eat pizza
00:00:05 Log onto site…
00:00:10 begin clicking the stuff I want.
00:03:00 finish clicking stuff I want… spent a minute debating on whether to get black olives or not.
00:03:30 finished typing in my address, and indicated that I wanted to pay by credit card.

So far, everything looks good, right? Well more after the jump.

Well, if you want to use your credit card online in America, all you have to do is put the number in and click ok. In Korea, this is not the case, you need some security system to verify that you are who you are. This originally was not a problem, because I’ve been using this site since 2006, and have already registered for the security program, so it should only add 1 minute to the order time at most.

00:04:00 Realized that Domino’s upgraded to a newer security system and I had to download a new plugin.
00:10:00 Finished installing the new system and began the registration process.
00:20:00 Entered my address, phone number, alien registration card, e-mail address, made sure the spelling of my name was correct, and had the security company message a password to my cell phone so that I can further verify who I am. If I were in America, the pizza would most likely have arrived by now.
00:25:00 After several unsuccesful attempts, the security system says it recognizes a foreign alien registration number and that I should call the help center to complete the registration process.
00:26:00 Called the number, got a robot telling me that I need to wait for the next available operator. I’d be on my second piece if this were America.
00:31:00 Lady answers the phone and asks how I can help her. I tell her that I want to register for the security system and that I am not a citizen of Korea. She asks my name, my Alien Registration Number. I give it to her and she says that it is fake. I ask her how she spelled my name, and she said in hangul.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am NOT A CITIZEN OF KOREA SO I CAN’T HAVE AN ID CARD WITH MY NAME IN HANGUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I give her the English spelling. I’d have eaten my 3rd slice and be debating whether or not to eat the fourth.
00:35:00 After she finally enters my name in correctly (I have to tell her a million times that it’s WHONG EUGENE WILLIAM and she keeps repeating W-I-L-I-L-A-M and I say no, W-I-L-L-I-A-M and she says W-I-L-I-A-M and I say no….. this goes on for about 3 minutes until she finally gets it right.

00:41:00 She tells me that I can’t register for the system easily because it is a foreign registration number, so if I could fax her a copy of my card and passport then she can verify it and then give me a password to log on. I told her I don’t have a fax machine and she said, maybe your work place has one, which it does, but I’m not at work… I am at home, and I WANT MY FRICKIN PIZZA!!!!!!!!!! ARRRRGHHHHH!!!!!!!

I hang up on her and realize that if I were in America or any other country in the world I would only have had to enter my credit card number and 20 seconds later my pizza would be paid for and on its way.
00:42:00 I begin to write this post realizing that I will be starving by the time I am finished with this post.

1:00:00 Finish writing… realize that I should have made other dinner plans before writing. Am actually starving!


17 Responses to “Why Domino’s Pizza Korea won’t be getting my money”

  1. I anticipated this sort of madness at the browser-switching stage (my Taiwanese laptop frequently renders Korean-language websites illegible in IE) and I only order Domino’s by phone. It’s inconvenient, of course, and I agree with the madness fully.

    Someday, I hope people can look back and realize how absurd it is that a national ID number was needed to order a pizza, when they could already identify you by your phone number, credit card number, username on their website and home address.

  2. Domino’s Y U NO want my credit card?????

  3. I Tweeted about this, to which Domino’s wrote:

    이용에 불편을 끼쳐드려 죄송합니다. DM으로 성함/연락처를 보내주시면 확인하여, 연락드리도록 하겠습니다.

    I hope you do contact them and get an explanation out of them.

  4. Yeah, I really don’t like the process of buying stuff online in Korea. I just go get 짜장면 ❤ and chicken lol

  5. Very interesting and funny story. (Well, it may not be funny for Eugene)
    I hope you could get a good dinner of Domino’s Pizza.

    • I am not going to use Domino’s in Korea. If this was Japan, I would never have had that problem.

      • Yeah,I think all you need is only your credit card number to buy online in America and Japan.
        I’m a little bit scared to give so much information of me to strangers.
        BTW, Is there any difference in Domino’s Pizza between Korea and America? Like toppings? taste? price?

        • Well I think it is a totally different company that just licenses the name Domino’s. So everything about it is basically different. Also the price is a lot more expensive because it is a foreign food. Pizza in the US, u can get 2 for like $20 or so. 1 pizza in Korea can sometimes be W30000.

          • Thanks for info. I guess the price in Japan is not that different from Korea’s (slightly higher in Japan)
            We have Goryeo Galbi pizza in Domino’s. I don’t know if Korea has same menu.
            But I think high price helps preventing people in Korea getting fat. (Oops. No offence to Americans.)

          • No, but they have chicken teriyaki pizza here. HAHA!

  6. Someone that lives in Korea Says:

    Normally, I order pizza through Pizza Hut because I can call them and they will deliver. I pay in cash for this stuff which is usually around 20,000+ won. Usually I have to wait for an English speaker to be able to order a small pizza.

    Get this. It is raining cats and dogs here. So, I want pizza not dorm food. (Which I swear is really horrible). I call up Pizza Hut. They called me back explaining they had a power outage of their local store near my area. Ok, no big deal.

    So, I go to the Dominos website to find a number. First off, I don’t want to order online. Especially with there BS security system that wants your alien registration number. Sorry, but I don’t need some Joe Blow taking that number and using it to buy all kinds of BS and sticking me in the rear end. I also like to pay in cash for things to maintain a budget.

    I find the number to Dominos. I call it and get some Korean speaker. I said I want to order a pizza. He just hanged up. No explanation, no sorry wait. Just hang up.

    So, Dominos here can take the pizza and shove it up where the sun don’t shine.

    Oh, by the way. This post is second in google. Right under Dominos pizza.

    • Well I think you should learn to order a pizza in Korean. Still Dominos is rude but can you really blame the minimum wage order taker?

      If I could reccomend a local chain go with New York Pizza. You can get a large for like 10000.

  7. I’ve stopped trying to order anything on Korean websites, they are coded by clueless monkeys. You need to use IE for everything and each website needs you to install 15 ActiveX controls, what a joke.

  8. This is actually happening to my friend right now; we’re on skype and she’s trying to order a pizza but the security system is giving her grief and it’s /so/ ridiculous!

  9. some dude Says:

    I think that you really can’t complain about things not working the way you want in English. Learn Korean and then try to use their site. You can’t expect to use English everywhere you go in the world and have things work smoothly all the time. The biggest complaint about this pizza should be that it’s really expensive.

    • I know Korean and was using the Korean site.

      • comfortable.chairs Says:

        If you knew Korean and were using the Korean site, you’d know to click the second option – pay with credit card at the door – and you wouldn’t have had the problem. I’ve used Dominos website since 2010, in English and in Korean. I remember that switch, and it took me all of 5 seconds more to order pizza. It’s much more convenient now. Rather than installing all the computer crap, I simply order the pizza and pay with my CC when it arrives.

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