It’s December already?

I can’t believe that it is already December. I am still in Halloween mode. I have not been writing on the blog in a while because I am so busy at my job (I was going to say new job, but I’ve been there for a while now). I have been forced to participate in a Christmas talent show. One person from every section of our office has to do it. We are doing idol dances, and dancing has never been my strong point. After a long day of work I have to go to the dance studio to practice with a professional teacher. She’s a nice person and a great dancer, but she must be taking the money on this one, because nobody actually wants to be there and are only doing it because they all are the newest members of their team and therefore have the least seniority. I wish we could just all sing a song acapella or something. Instead I’m shaking my moneymaker and discoing, and walking in a diamond shape. That’s funny too because the teacher is always saying what we are doing to the rhythm. So for walking in a diamond that’s di a mon du. I am such a bad dancer that when I came home and complained to my wife about how I can’t shuffle my feet and do complicated arm movements at the same time, she asked me to show her. I did the hand movement, then I did the feet movement. She watched me do it once and did the whole thing flawlessly. I seriously must be the world’s worst dancer. It’s a wonder I ever learned to spike a volleyball because that in itself is all about timing and coordination. To top it off we’re doing a dance that’s obviously for women, and for “symmetry” I have to stand in the middle of everyone because I am taller and the only one who is visibly not Korean. Awesome.

Here’s a video of the dance we are supposed to learn by Thursday of next week.


3 Responses to “It’s December already?”

  1. :O

    I would looooove to see you dancing this 😛
    I don’t dance….not because I don’t like but because I seriously CANT, I have No rythm u_u, so good luck!! 🙂

  2. Will you be posting pictures of yourself wearing that plaid red micro-mini-skirt? That’s all I really want to know.

  3. i don’t envy you, brother! perhaps a little yoga would help loosen the hips? in any case, i wish you well 🙂

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