If you’re not going to plead guilty…

Police woman escorting the accused, now convicted, Takeuchi

Police woman escorting the accused, now convicted, Takeuchi

I just learned that a court in Malaysia has found Mariko Takeuchi, a Japanese traveler, guilty of drug trafficking and sentenced her to death.  Normally I would not want to write about these kinds of things, because I find that writing about someone’s inevitable death is not too fun, but when reading an article about this case, I just have to shake my head.

First she claimed not to know about 3kg of drugs in a bag that she was carrying, saying that someone in Dubai, UAE gave her the bag to give to someone in Malaysia.

Up until this point, her side of the story is believable.  Perhaps the person in Dubai is a trusted friend of hers, and she never suspected that the person would use her as a drug trafficker. Even though one of the things that ground staff and customs always asks you before you board a plane is “Did anyone ask you to transport luggage for them with contents unknown to you?” it still is quite possible that she didn’t speak English well enough to answer that question.  So I felt sorry for her for a few paragraphs, because I thought that there might be a possibility that she is innocent.

Later, I came upon the paragraphs where she argued her case…

Takeuchi had told the court she went to Dubai as a favor for a close colleague who wanted her to talk to “Alex,” the colleague’s Iranian boyfriend, to see if he could help her out of financial difficulties. Takeuchi said Alex’s driver, also an Iranian, asked her to deliver the suitcase to Malaysia.

So, she’s willing to fly to Dubai to see if she can get help for her friend’s financial difficulties? Why didn’t she just call and ask? Something smells fishy here.. And it gets worse…

Judge Siti Mariah also said the court could not accept her claims that it was cheaper to fly, in business class, between Dubai and Kuala Lumpur six times within a month just prior to her arrest than to stay in a hotel in Dubai.

Okay now, come on! If you can afford to fly business class back and forth between Dubai and Kuala Lumpur six times in one month, then you can probably afford to help your friend with her financial difficulties! I just checked, business flights between the two cities are like $4000. What kind of hotel was she staying at?

There is still an ounce of possibility that she’s not lying, but if she is indeed guilty and fabricated a story like this, then she’s an idiot. Usually when you lie in court, and your life is in the balance, you need to come up with a believable explanation for your activities.

I don’t know how the justice system works in Malaysia, but it might have been a good idea to try to seek a plea bargain for information leading to the arrest of the people on either end of the deal.


One Response to “If you’re not going to plead guilty…”

  1. I am surprised to read this article as i didn’t see it in our local newspapers. I feel sorry for them as the big crooks are senseless liars!

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