Eugene… in a Yankees cap? What’s going on?

So for many of you, you might not be aware that I’ve been a regular guest on Korean English language radio for TBS on its show Sports Weekend. All readers of this blog should be well aware that I absolutely abhor the New York Yankees. I hate them so much, that on a trip to New York, I just had to pose for this picture at the stadium store in the old Yankee Stadium…

Did Yankees fans get angry with me for doing this? Probably not, because they laugh at Orioles fans.

But let’s get real, it’s just sports, right?

I don’t hate their fans, I enjoy friendly banter with other sports fans. Usually though I get laughed at for supporting losing teams like the Orioles and Redskins. On Sports Weekend, the show’s New Yorker homer host SJ (A Yankees/Jets/Rangers/Knicks fan) has continually talked smack about me because I like the Orioles, Redskins, Omiya Ardija, Nexen Heroes, and other teams that seem to never get any luck. He always asks how I can support losing teams and mocks me for wearing apparel indicating that I am a fan of those losing teams. It’s all in good fun.

Well today I went on the radio wearing a New York Yankees baseball cap. When I explained why, I said that because his Yankees were knocked out of the playoffs, thus they are a losing team, so I can finally wear their stuff!

A good laugh was had by all.

Sports related smack talk is so much fun.


2 Responses to “Eugene… in a Yankees cap? What’s going on?”

  1. Sports smack talk is the best kind of smack talk, because ultimately, the stakes are so low, but the emotional investment is so so high.

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