Pizza is Korean?

Oh my gosh! Koreans like to claim that they invented everything with very little evidence. Soccer? It’s Korean! Chinese Characters? They’re Korean! Hell, didn’t you know? Koreans were the first people on the Earth and jumpstarted civilization everywhere else in the world. Ancient Egypt? Korean! India? Korean! Great Britain? Korean!!!

The fact that there are people that actually believe things like this makes me SOOOOOOO Angry! But it’s because of crazy documentaries like these that air on Korean TV that it warps people’s minds. Koreans are so gullible!

The very idea is preposterous because Korean pizza is so terrible, remember when I wrote about that?

Here, watch this video that claims Korea invented Pizza and Italy stole it.

My impressions and point to point refutation of the video after the break.

Okay, if you have not figured it out now from a huge departure from my normal style of writing or the ridiculousness of the video itself (and the Mr. Pizza seal at the end). The video is a joke, and it’s gone viral in Korea because it is hilarious!

Why is it hilarious? Because this style of documentary where very limited or trivial evidence is used to prove that something is Korean is actually somewhat popular in Korea. While the world’s historians can’t really come out and say it for lack of a smoking gun, I’ve seen a Korean documentaries that assert that Yamato Japan was made by Baekchae, and that most (if not all) Japanese can trace their roots to the Korean peninsula.

(This might actually be true, many Korean and Japanese historians have hypothesized this due to cultural and linguistic similarities, but there is as of yet no absolutely concrete evidence that indicates that this indeed did happen. What we can surmise from existing evidence is that the ruling elite of Japan were very close to the ruling elite on the Korean peninsula, and the Yayoi people of ancient Japan had many similarities with ancient Koreans, and are more similar to Koreans ethnically than they are with Ainu people who are believed to be the last of the Jomon civilization. The Jomon originally had all of Japan to themselves until they were replaced by the more technologically advanced Yayoi, who killed, or interbred with them in so great number that today, the Ainu can only be found in Hokkaido.)

Anyway back to pizza, it is really awesome that Mr. Pizza decided to market their product in a humorous way, and it’s good to see that Koreans can mock their own culture. It’s clear proof that Korea is modern and sophisticated, when people can mock themselves. Far too many expats are under the impression that Koreans can’t be critical of themselves, but this is obviously not the case.

The makers of the video, gumshoe pictures has a channel on youtube with several other segments that didn’t make the final cut. Those are worth a watch too.

(Edit: Nov 1 I read an article that analyzes what I suspected, it is mostly English speakers that thought this ad was funny, with many Koreans feeling concerned that Italians might take it seriously or that it airs Korea’s dirty laundry, and Japanese nationalists taking the ad seriously.)


23 Responses to “Pizza is Korean?”

  1. Real Asian Says:

    Yor post finallly proves how you feel about Korea and Kreans! You look down on us and think we are dumb. This post froves it! You are not Koreans and you nevr will be and this is the real story about how fucking foreigns are trying to steal Korea and Koreans culture for their own.. Fuck Italky! They are some fuckers for taking pizza and garlics from Korea.

    Dont eat pizza for boycott. Don’t buy fake Asian stuff, but REAL Asian food, Korean Pizza bitches!

  2. This ad became viral topic among us Japanese. Although even lunatic Korea-haters know this ad is a joke, we can’t laugh this joke because we’ve been bothered by Korean’s ‘origin claiming’ on daily basis. Seriously.
    Most notorious one out of numerous fabrications is Korea Connection 2011 held in Paris last May. Its official pressbook (sponsored by govt !) was just unbelievable. We couldn’t believe our eyes when we’d read it.

    • So are you saying you are a lunatic Korea hater?

      Haha… just kidding.

      What is the Korean Connection 2011? Can you link me to the pressbook?

      • Here are some example of Japanese cultures Koreans already claimed their origin. Ninja,Kendo,Judo,Aikido,Sumo,Bonsai,Samurai,Katana,Tea ceremony,Karate,Origami,Karaoke,Manga,Soy sauce,Miso,Sushi,Norimaki ……
        (Choi Hong Hi the founder of Taekwondo clearly mentioned the influence of Karate, but recently it’s believed by many Koreans that it derived from only Taekkyon, zero influence by Karate)

        We know most of Koreans understand they are all Japanese origin, but some Koreans are still deceiving someone somewhere in the world today.

        Korea Connection 2011 official pressbook

        National states Yudo association (homepage)

        Greg Park a.k.a Chosunninja

        • I have heard people claim that Taekwondo is 100% Korean in origin, but it is fact that it was heavily influenced by Karate. Other martial arts like kendo are slightly different than their Japanese counterparts. Manga is not at all Japanese in origin, so much that we are talking about books filled with drawings that tell a story.

          Soy sauce originated in China, and it is difficult to suggest that miso preceded dwaenjang, given that miso has procedures beyond what it takes to make dwaenjang.

          I’ll ask you, how much influence do you think Korea had over pre-Yamato, and Yamato Japan? Where do you think the Yayoi people came from?

  3. They claim Kumdo originated from Korea, while they use Katana,wear Hakama,and use the term(conception) Do”道”.
    I’m not talking Manga was the first comic book in the world. They claim Manhwa came from China. No description about Japan’s influence (KC2011 pressbook p18). Even China imported Japan-made term and Kanji “漫画”. Manhwa is but a knock off of Manga whose style is different from western comics.
    Again,soy sauce was originally Chinese,I know. I’m saying Japan had uniquely developed own production technology that Korea borrowed and uses today. Thus it can’t be Korean origin.
    Funniest and worst part in the pressbook for me was Ninjutsu.

    Did they have fun mocking French people? Poor France…

    • 1. The official stance is that Kumdo descended from Kendo, after Kendo was introduced to Korea in the late 1800s. It is slightly different because it has been practiced in a different country and evolved separately.

      2. The Kanji for Manhwa is “漫畫” and it may very well have begun by influence of China. Of course there is no denying that there was a major major influence from Japan during and after colonial period. I don’t think most Koreans feel this way. It’s really just comic books, why make a fuss about who did it first? Furthermore, listen to yourself, you’re Japanese, complaining that Chinese borrowed a word that is made of Chinese characters, but simply put together by a Japanese. If something like that makes you angry, the Chinese words for anything that was invented after 1880 must anger you beyond belief, as almost all technology words were coined in Japan and the terms were borrowed by the other Chinese character using countries.

      3.There is a type of soy sauce called Joseon Kanjang that is not at all like the Japanese one. Frankly it is too salty and not delicious, but it is definitely Korean in that it was developed in Korea by Koreans with no influence from Japan. These days though, most soy sauce attempts to copy a Japanese style, and if you actually do have Japanese ones, (Like even standard Kikkoman) people compliment its superior taste. But basically everyone knows it started in China. Nobody claims that the soy sauce we eat doesn’t have a Japanese origin. In fact, Koreans even call it 왜(和)간장.

      Where is this pressbook? I would like to see it.

      • Okay I read the pressbook, for Ninjutsu, they claim that Koreans learned it from Japan, not the other way around, but they also claim that Koreans spread some amount of science and technology, which is true.

        Other stuff they admit comes from Japan, but I am surprised that they said Gumdo comes form Goryo. Take it with a grain of salt.

  4. >2. You seem get it wrong. When did I complain about China?
    (Japanese don’t forge origins ’cause we all have accurate knowledge about everything’s origins. Everyone knows curry is Indian, gyouza & ramen are Chinese, korokke is French and almost everything we use todays came from westerns)
    What I wanted to say is, since Korea borrowed the term 漫畫 from China who borrowed it from Japanese漫画, how could you forget referring Japan when wrote the pressbook? So-called Manhwa is obviously nothing but Korean-translated Manga. I felt so embarrassed when I saw this.

    >3. Again,no Japanese claims Japan made soy sauce first. We’re just complaining of Koreans who claim ‘Japanese style soy sauce (f.e. kikkoman)’ originated from Korea. We don’t care(mind) as long as they’re boasting of only 된장 or 간장.

    Some Koreans still claim Kumdo is not influenced by Kendo. Haidong Gumdo Association says Kumdo is mixture of KiChunMoon and ShimGumDo.
    Many earnest foreign martial artists get angry about this and Chosunninja.

    If you were robbed your wallets by Jewish many times and accuse them, do you have to be called racist Nazi? I don’t think so.

  5. “We’re just complaining of Koreans who claim ‘Japanese style soy sauce (f.e. kikkoman)’ originated from Korea.”

    I think you’re making things up now, because I have never heard that in my entire life.

    “So-called Manhwa is obviously nothing but Korean-translated Manga.”
    In some cases, yes it is a direct translation, and usually the Japanese author is prominently featured and the book company also. I don’t think anyone who reads Ranma 1/2 for example thinks it originated in Korea. Furthermore the pressbook DID mention Japanese origins.

    “If you were robbed your wallets by Jewish many times and accuse them, do you have to be called racist Nazi? I don’t think so.”

    If you accuse someone specifically who you think is the theif, then no, you’re not a racist Nazi. But if you accuse all Jews for the crime of one or a few, then yes, that’s racist.

  6. >>”I think you’re making things up now, because I have never heard that in my entire life.”

    >>”Furthermore the pressbook DID mention Japanese origins”
    Pressbook mentioned only “known as Manga in Japan”, as if both Manga and Manhwa were spontaneously created in each countries. It also said “Manhwa were inspired by classic Asian arts,especially China”. If they wanted to suggest the root of Manhwa as coming from ancient Chinese drawings, the picture(Manhwa) on the left side misled readers because that picture was obviously copy of 70’s Manga which Korea had been pirating illegally. Manhwa’s drawing styles(eyes, features,frame layout,mimetic words,etc) have nothing to do with Chinese.

    >>”But if you accuse all Jews for the crime of one or a few, then yes, that’s racist.”
    I know. But it’s only Koreans doing such things almost every day and there are too many to count all of them. Most of Koreans might not notice it, but Chinese and Japanese are sick and tired of their origin-stealing. They never stop spreading lies no matter how many times we protested them. How can we let them stop? When will they stop?Where is justice? We’re really devastated.

    • The first article says that the world thinks soy sauce is Japanese and he wants to boost the profile of the Korean soy sauce in other markets. I’m sure he doesn’t care about that really. He just wants to sell his stuff and make a lot of money. If you actually meet some Koreans, they will tell you 9 of 10 times that they prefer Kikkoman to any Korean brand of soy sauce, and they know it comes from Japan. Take your argument up with this guy or this company if what they say bothers you.

      The pressbook does deliberately try to hide the fact that manhwa comes from Japan, by downplaying its influence. I wish that you would complain to the company that made the book rather and saying that all Koreans are responsible. I will not chicken out though, and I will admit that often people try to hide something that is Japanese in origin, unless it is very recent.

      I have not heard of any Korean people trying to steal the origin of something from China, with a few cases here and there, where someone argued that Chinese Characters came from Korea, or that the great wall was built by Koreans. These thoughts are hardly reflective of all Koreans.

      As of the Japanese things that some Koreans say originated in Korea, these usually tend to be really ancient things, like pottery or certain contributions to the royal bloodline… And really most Japanese these days have Korean roots… the Yayoi people (today’s Japanese) came from the peninsula and replaced the Jomon people (today’s Ainu). Of course there was a lot of mixing in between and both countries developed independently from each other, so it would not be correct to say that Japanese are actually Koreans anymore than it would be correct to say Koreans are actually African.

      All I have to say is “Get over it.” Japan’s profile in the world is just fine. Everyone knows that certain things originated in Japan no matter who tells them what.

      • >Everyone knows that certain things originated in Japan no matter who tells them what.<
        I hoped so. But some foreigners were already brainwashed by their propaganda. We've actually met some Kumdo practitioners who stubbornly believe Kumdo has longer history than Kendo as their masters claimed, no matter how many times we taught them true history. It means they committed fraud advertising and robbed customers(disciples) from Kendo dojo. It's really bothering.

        • I can understand your frustration. The sports both originated in Japan and anyone who thinks it originates in Korea is either mislead or ignorant. But in the long run, does it really matter that much? I don’t think I would really care if another country claimed to have invented baseball.

          Swords are common in many different cultures and wooden practice swords are as well. I would imagine that some form of wooden sword practice was present in Korea millennia ago. If this is what they refer to then they are not entirely innacurate, but the present day form of kumdo originates in Japan, and any differences it has from Kendo is due to a divergence since 1945. The same goes for Judo and Taekwondo.

          How do you feel about the Japanese imperial house being so protective of kofun and other Japanese burial sites because archaeological digs would probably reveal that they have Korean lineage? You must be equally outraged over the falsehoods claimed by the imperial house (descended from Amaterasu, etc..)

  7. You may be thinking that it’s not a crime unless somebody gets hurt physically or defrauded his property, but I think this issue should not be overlooked, it’s more about morality. Actually, f.e. Yudo association and Komdo association are making money with fraud advertisements(reinforcing their credibility). They conflict with false pretenses. French people who love Korea got deceived at the place of friendship and cultural exchange gathering. Aren’t you afraid lest Korea will get lost friends and the trust from other countries? People around the world already,slightly but certainly,became aware of their bad habit.

    Articles on Wikipedia.
    “Korean origin theories”(Chinese)
    “Korean origin theories”(Japanese)
    Thai people in a rage about stolen Muay Thai

    • So Koreans aren’t allowed to practice Muy Thai?

      Yeah I don’t really get what you’re talking about here… it says it was started outside of Korea (Egypt specifically) and that was not established in Korea until the 1970s.

      But in the larger quibble, yes I agree with you that it is wrong to represent certain things as originally Korean when they have clear origin elsewhere. However, you cannot blame ALL Koreans for this, only the people who are guilty of misinformation.

      • Sadly enough, people actually like stereotyping more than me.
        It might be harmless as long as they are nameless ordinary Koreans who claim those craps, but in reality, they are government (Korean Connection 2011) and officials(Yudo, Kumdo and TaeKwanDo association) distorting their origins. There are too many to avoid stereotyping. It is far from coincidence.
        No one said Koreans can’t play foreign countries’ sports. I’m really glad they love Kendo and Judo. But why can’t they just say “We are practicing Muay Thai which is Thailand’s martial arts”? It seems like they have inferiority complex toward foreign countries who have long history and cultures.

  8. I’m kinda confused. As a Korean-American, I know the majority of Koreans would die of hysterics if you were to tell them that Koreans invented Chinese characters or sushi. Or Nintendo. The Korean population isn’t as “gullible” as you put it. A few documentaries by whackjobs doesn’t make much of an impression on the general population. Koreans were not born yesterday and aren’t as feeble-minded as you think. Wtf.

  9. Most Japanese historians agree that Japanese are a mix of Ainu and Yayoi (Koreans). The pizza/egypt thing is stupid but every country has idiots. So dont hate Koreans, you are of Korean descent.

  10. I'd Rather Stay Anonymous Says:

    What, this was a real thing? I had no idea this was an actual thing (thank you Mr. Himaruya Hidekaz for bringing me here). I don’t even know why Koreans would try to claim things as their own when it would most likely or definitely not be of Korean origin. I’m Korean, my parents are Korean, my grandparents are Korean, but I have never heard them say that pizza, soy sauce, etc. originated in Korea…

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