Blog app, new job

I just found out now that my blog looks totally different on an iPad than it does on my computer. You can also swipe between different pages which is kinda neat. I would like to have some say as to how it looks, but I have yet to figure that out.

That’s still cool though.

What’s going on? I start a new job on Monday and before I start I need to get a lot of paperwork and medical work in order. I am really not sure why my employer needs to know if I have hepatitis or whatever other diseases they are checking for, but free med check is fine by me.

But in addition to all that I need to give them all these other certificates that prove I did not lie on my resume. This includes:

Proof of residence that I had to go to a government office to get.

Proof that I graduated where I said I did. Meaning I had to go to Yonsei University to get a paper that says I graduated, because simply copying my diploma is not acceptable.

Proof of prior employment,where I have to go everywhere I have previously worked and get a certificatemfrom them. I actually talked my new employer down to just two previous jobs. I guess resume fraud might happen quite a bit?

So that’s what I did today. I collected a lot of paperwork.


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