My awesome background.

Reader Steven from Arizona asks:

Dear Huge… how did you make that cool looking background on your blog?  Where does the image originally come from?  It looks like a game of some sort, but I don’t remember any game having a fighter that looked like that who was named Eugene.

Steven – Arizona

Well, I’m not going to give it away to you for free, but what I will do is  show you the original background picture itself, and you geeky nerdy readers of mine can let Steven know where its from.  We’ll make it a contest of some sort… the winner gets.. my love and respect for the next few hours.  Haha.. no seriously, if you’re in Korea I’ll buy you a drink (that means a lot coming from an unemployed man.)  Of course I modified the picture a bit with my awesome photoshop skills, which consisted of stretching and deleting part of the full picture to further make the effects of the crappy TV stand out.

OK here is the picture!

I'm sure the next question will be, who is Hubert? Hubert is awesome, and he knows who he is.

So get to it nerds! Which game, and who is Eugene?

5 Responses to “My awesome background.”

  1. Roderick Toombs Says:

    Not a
    Soul can tell you that this game is of the
    Calibur that Super Bowl
    III was, in terms of how that changed the league, and how this game changes fighting games.

    • You might have tried going further in depth however many people
      Are in the midst of misfortune. But among their
      Close friends, sometimes there are falsehoods.
      But that can be expected because in the event that men are
      Wrong, they make lies to conceal their actions.

  2. How should I know? Some readers might be
    Very upset that you are being so
    Cryptic with your clues and teases.
    You might go right over people’s heads if you’re too
    Clever for your own good.
    Devil take you if you are.

    • Roderick Toombs Says:

      Soul of the devil be as it may. This question is of the
      Calibur that makes me wonder if the game is not Goonies
      II for the Nintendo Entertainment System.
      Eugene is someone I know who loves games but
      Is not as smart as he thinks, because there is
      A chance that his arrogance
      Created deciet. The common
      Custom in this situation is to show the strength of
      Character. As a matter
      Of fact, you act as if you are a
      Pirate in search of booty, when there is none. You have no

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