The “Complacent Reynolds” meme

I really love all the neat little memes there are on the internet, but this one is really funny and concerns a baseball team that I follow religiously.  The Baltimore Orioles.  I know, I know, before you snicker at me, remember, I grew up in the Baltimore Washington area, and they were actually pretty good when I was a kid.  Well since 1997 they have not had a winning season.  They have been terrible!  They used to finish in 4th place year after year, and I took solace that they always at least did better than the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, who always finished in 5th.  Yeah, well the Rays are now awesome, which means Baltimore now has to finish in last every year.

Anyway back to the meme.  An online forum that I often lurk on, but can’t become a member on for some reason (believe me, I’ve tried registering twice, and I got rejected for membership twice… I don’t really understand why, but whatever.) called Orioles Hangout had this thread where are really funny picture that sums up the frustration of Orioles fans.  Here is the picture…

The picture is hilarious.  It was taken in a game where the Orioles were getting blown away by the Red Sox, and some suggested that the players have become so used to losing, that they sit idly by and allow it to happen.

With David Ortiz in his home run trot, Mark Reynolds takes a sunflower seed break.

After this first picture, another person who commented on the thread decided to use the image of Mark Reynolds munching on sunflower seeds in a humorous way.

As Chinese tanks roll into Tienanmen Square, Mark Reynolds takes a seed break.

And from there, the Complacent Reynolds meme was born. Some of my favorite pictures of this meme after the break…


2 Responses to “The “Complacent Reynolds” meme”

  1. I like the one where he’s eating sunflower seeds.

    I’m like, LOL! every time.

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