Statue Fighter

This is coming from an old blog post that I did probably 10 years ago.  I tried to rework it into something that I could use for work, but it is decidedly not the flavor of what we are going for in our next series of textbooks, but I didn’t want to just throw it away.  So, dear readers, you may now read a beautifully written textbook reject.

The video game market in the mid ‘90s was saturated with so many different fighting games, owing to the huge success of Capcom’s blockbuster, Street Fighter II.  The major problem was that all gaming companies wanted to try to capture the success of Street Fighter II by making games similar to it.  So, arcades saw a tsunami of low quality knockoff games like World Heroes, Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, King of Fighters, Killer Instinct, Primal Rage, Eternal Champions, and other poorly planned sprite-based one-on-one fighting games.

The major defect with many of these games was that the gameplay was not as fluid as that in Street Fighter II, but in retrospect, the characters themselves weren’t distinctive or memorable.  They were usually clones of Street Fighter characters.  These types included: the typical karate fighter, the strong but slow guy, the grappler, the army dude, another typical karate fighter who is almost, but not entirely like the first typical karate fighter, the weak but fast girl, the magic old man and the funky monster.  Casual gamers can name most of the fighters in Street Fighter II even if they haven’t played it in years.  For the other games, even video game otaku might have trouble naming even one or two of the fighters.

This makes me want to resurrect one of my childhood ideas. When I was a kid, I thought about making a game like Street Fighter, but using famous statues from all over the world.  Of course gameplay would have to be perfect for my game to be popular, but explaining the particulars gameplay would be boring.  So I will tell you more about the story and characters of the game.

The storyline would be that body less warring aliens have landed on Earth and decided to inhabit the world’s most famous landmark statues and continue their war here.  It sounds pretty far-fetched, but no more so than the actual story of Street Figther II where a ruthless dictator fights one-on-one, best two of three rounds, for control of his empire.

Most importantly I would certainly have a diverse cast of characters.  The statues I would use include the Statue of Liberty, Hachiko the Dog, Yi Sun Shin, the Thinker, Kim Il Sung, The Little Mermaid, a Moai, the Sphinx, The Motherland Calls, and several other famous statues.  I would ideally like to have sixteen in total from all continents of the world.  I refuse to use religious statues because some critics might find Jesus fighting Buddha in a video game to be offensive.

For the background stages, I would use famous landmarks, such as Stonehenge, the Pyramids, Mount Rushmore, the Arc de Triomphe,GyeongbukPalace, a flying saucer over the Nazca Plateau, and others.

At the very least, people would readily identify with the characters in the game, and players might also be inclined to research some of the statues that they are not familiar with.  Check out wikipedia if you are unfamiliar with some of these statues.


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  1. Gina Joy Says:

    pretty cool

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