No… I’ll write whatever I want to..

Well, this isn’t the first time that one of my “customers” has complained about my lack of updates.

I got several e-mails over the past few days from some people complaining that my past few updates aren’t appropriate for my blog. One guy, who says he found on the Korean Bloglist, complained that my blog is supposed to be about Korea and is not accomplishing its goal.

Another one of them even said the following:

“You’re bolg is srsly deterioration from the past. Before you gave helpful insight to the mysterius country but now your talking about baseball and happy days and movies. Yur blog is all over the place and neef to stick to one topic if you want to get people to respect you in the K-blogspeare”

To that, all I can say is…

I really don’t understand these people. I write what I want to write, and while I do occasionally write about Korea from time to time, that’s not going to be the topic of my posts all the time. If you want to read more about Korean stuff only, then there’s a whole k-bloglist for you (which is how you found me, remember)? Go check one of them out to get your “how to understand this exotic and new culture” fix.

Edit:  I changed the picture from Koreaphile Complainers to Complaining Koreaboos after realizing that this post might be the first instance of commenter ilovemikan’s newly coined term on the K-blogosphere.


2 Responses to “No… I’ll write whatever I want to..”

  1. btw, really nice y u no pic… it captures the situation perfectly.

    i was gonna say, a lot of the complainers would be koreaboos who say “omg hes not talking about my obsession country korea that i never been too.. hes such a bad writer… he doesnt obsess on the one topic and beat it to fucking death, so hes a bad writer….”

    stupid fucks. he doesnt have to talk about shitty korean dramas that he proberly could not give two fifths of fuck all about.

  2. LOL I loved the “helpful insight to the mysterius country ” Mysterious being the Keyword…
    I’m no one to complain about you not writing since my blog has not been updated properly for a while, but sometimes I do miss your posts.. not only about Korea but random stuff as well… n_n
    For those complaining… you do know that there are MORE “K-blogs” than you can read, right?? …

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