I love baseball

So, why did you choose black and orange as the colors of your blog, Eugene?

But most of my readers have never seemed to care about anything that I write whenever I talk about sports, unless it’s about the World Cup and Koreans are involved. Either way, I love baseball.

My home team is the Baltimore Orioles. And after 3 games, the Orioles are in sole possession of first place in the American League East. For those who don’t know about baseball, this doesn’t mean much, because the season is 162 games long. This might also be the only time that the Orioles will ever be able to sniff first place for the entire season. So I’ll be doing here what good teams usually do at the end of the season.

Record: 3-0
Pace: 162-0
Magic Number: 159

We’ll see if I can’t be posting stuff like this later in the season for the first time. (Last time the O’s were any good was in 1998, and I wasn’t blogging back then.)


16 Responses to “I love baseball”

  1. I am sorry you are a Baltimore Orioles. I feel your pain.

  2. Magic number: 158

  3. Of course this will not happen in mlb because of player’s union. There need to be a salary cap in order to have a level playing field. Small market team just cannot compete with big market team because of free agency. This senerio is so true in AL East where the Red Soxs and the Yankees buy their way into playoff. The only way a small market team can compete is through careful draft and excellent minor league management. What do you think about this.

  4. I did answer that. The only way a small market team can compete is through careful draft and excellent minor league management.

    • Oh okay, then I agree with you… but these kinds of teams can’t have a lasting period of dominance, as free agency will kick in and pull their team apart right when everyone great is approaching their prime.

      What I think they need is a system of promotion and relegation, or at least ban trading during the season.

  5. What do think about salary cap to restore level playing field for all the teams even though the player’s union would never go for it.

  6. Hope your team with a new manager can sustain. It would definitely be difficult cuz your team plays in the the most competitive division in the majors. Even though I am not an orioles fan, I am a fan of baseball and as such I would love to see an underdog kick the shit out of the yankees and win that division. I use to watch cal ripken and jim palmer play and pitch and maybe there is a new generation of orioles players that can out play the evil empire. I can only hope that my dodger can do the same.

  7. I’m glad you have David to talk about sports now 🙂
    I do not know anything about Baseball :S

  8. Gina Joy Says:

    How ’bout them O’s! Now one of only 2 teams that are 4 and 0! Pitching and fielding has been great. In one game they had to bring a guy up from tripleA when one pitcher was out, and even he did well. Depth!

  9. I do not know much about Korean baseball. Do you follow kbl and if you do can you explain how it is. What i mean is do they have divisions, dh rule etc.

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