April Fool’s, yall. April Fool’s

It appears my last post quickly skyrocketed to most viewed post ever, and I am now being referred to by sites such as, yellowworld.org, and eurasiannation.com as I guess, some of their members have chanced upon my blog, and thought they’d found the next Peter Coffin.

That’s really funny considering that I’m actually a moderator over at Yellowworld, and I thought the people in charge of Eurasian Nation at least knew who I was, since I submitted somewhat of a diatribe of an article almost 10 years ago. That I am tricking people at both places with my last post is somewhat surprising, but I think it goes to show that I’m either not as popular as I think I am, OR people don’t read carefully before making judgements.

Anyway, I just wanted to clear the air here. I’m really Eugene Hwang. I really do have a Korean Dad and a White Mom, I really do live in Korea and have been living here since 2006, and I really do speak Korean and Japanese in addition to English. The picture displayed in “about this blog” really is me, and to top it all off, I really am huge. Unfortunately I fear the April Fool’s Day post might balloon into something more popular than the whole blog itself, but meh, more traffic to my blog is good.

Oh, and the more astute of you readers may have recognized that the pictures I used as Jared Willoughby are in fact pictures of actor Jason Biggs. I had originally constructed the post with some random pics I found on the net, but since they were of a real person, I decided to go with a modified celebrity picture instead.


4 Responses to “April Fool’s, yall. April Fool’s”

  1. i haven’t been able to catch up on all this until now and i have to say… i was quite amused. glad to see you’re not going anywhere. 🙂

    but you never “officially” retracted the claim about the baby………………..

  2. Oh, I see 😀 So those were just Jason Biggs’s pictures! omg

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