More media criticism.

Days after the earthquake/tsunami there were reports that Japan had moved 2.4 meters to the east. Fair enough, that’s news. But one particular news source in Korea, the Chosun Ilbo reported this fact with such ridiculous spin that it looks as if it came off the mostly well written satirical blog “Dokdo is Ours”.

See, the Chosun Ilbo couldn’t leave well enough alone when they wrote their article. Instead of simply reporting the fact, they had to cleverly kick the Japanese when they are down. Here’s an excerpt from their article:

Japan shifted altogether 2.4 m to the east due to the earthquake, moving further away from Dokdo.

Now, again, I’m 100% certain that Dokdo belongs to Korea, and I cherish the opportunities that I am given where I can make my case. (Perhaps a future post will come up where I will do as much. We’ll see.)

However, I believe that there is a proper time and proper avenue for which to deal with the dispute over Dokdo, and the time and place to do this is not 6 days after the worst disaster that postwar Japan has seen in an article that should be about plate tectonics.

I was told later after posting this on facebook that Chosun Ilbo is the most rightest of right wing papers, so I can really only expect them to report things like a bleeding heart liberal would react against fox news.

Speaking of Fox News….

Shibuya Eggman? Thanks to Miriam Chun for the photo.

This appears to be a graphic that they had used on air showing the locations of Japanese Nuclear Power Plants. There’s a problem, however. For one, Sendai is not in Kyuushu, it’s in Japan’s Northeast, you know, close to where the EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI happened.

(Edit: After looking it up, it appears that some of the dots show the names of the power plants, and some of them show the names of the cities with power plants. There is a Sendai nuclear plant in Kyuushu, but the map doesn’t make this clear. Especially since they didn’t differentiate between Fukushima 1 and Fukushima 2.)

Much worse than that, however is the listing of “Shibuya Eggman” as a nuclear power plant. I’ve been told that Shibuya Eggman is a club in Shibuya, a district of Tokyo. Haven’t been there, but wow FOX.. wow.. that’s great.

Anyway I’ve had my rant at media for the day. See you soon with more complaints and criticisms, should I have any. If you’d like to learn more about the Dokdo dispute, I encourage you to join the facebook group (of which I am an admin) called Dokdo Belongs to Korea. There you will find clear and logical arguments and a few debates and discussions on the subject. Be warned, you’ll find a lot of trolls and nationalists there too, but we’ve been trying to keep that under control.


3 Responses to “More media criticism.”

  1. I saw this same Fox News mistake pointed out in an Australian news paper, (regretfully I didn’t keep my source straight). But they pointed out that Shibuya Eggman is a concert hall. I was talking about this with a friend at NHK, suggesting that when she later makes a documentary, they should do a segment on the foreign news speculating to that degree.

  2. there will always be idiots. why don’t you show the good side that other countries are doing for japan instead of showing only the negative?

    • Not that fun to write about! (wink)… But yes, you are right, there has been a lot of help coming out of Korea and China to help the Japanese in their time of need, showing that people can put things in perspective and help out when it is needed without letting disagreements about history or policy get in the way.

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