Japan haters who are happy about the disaster are dumb.

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Check this link out.

A bunch of morons saying Japan deserves this for killing dolphins. Yea, thanks a lot guys, that’s really helpful. Idiots.

I want to also tell you the story of a guy on the bus who heard me talking on my cell phone in Japanese, then used his broken English to confront me about it.

Him: Why do you speak Japanese? Here is Korea.
Me: Just talking to my cousin.
Him: Do you know Tsunami?
Me: Yea, it’s pretty terrible what happened. I hope everything is okay.
Him: I think they deserve it. They hurt our country so much.
Me: I see. (get up to change seats)
Him: You don’t know our history?
Me: No, I probably know more than you do, so I don’t want to hurt your ego more than it’s already hurt by arguing with you logically.
Him: (to his friend next to him)아, 외국인들이 모두 친일파지?
Me: (sigh)

And then the resulting post on facebook which started a frenzy:

Just met a guy who told me he was happy about Tsunami because Japanese deserve it…..

Won’t be meeting him ever again.

And the first reply:
その人のチンコをパンチしてください。お願いね (google translate it if you don’t read Japanese. It’s really funny!)

Ah yea.. What a world of idiots we live in.

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  1. I think he’s slightly crazy.
    Although I cannot agree with some people every so often, everyone can have different opinions, I understand. I mean he can be against Japan personally. But how can he express his feelings in such a silly way? Never logical and reasonable, it’s just offensive.

    And nobody deserves to die.
    No need to connect this to history, Karma, dolphines, or something like that.

    • It’s like I mentioned in the facebook discussion, I’ve been very vocal and critical of the Japanese government. There is a place and a time for everything however. Quite frankly, Japan hasn’t owned up for its role in history, continues to thumb its nose at its Asian neighbors, and wonders why people in other countries hate them. But moste who are critical of Japan don’t hate Japanese people. Younger people or those who are still learning English might not be able to express that there is a difference between Japan and Japanese people.

  2. intrepidtraveller Says:

    I teach private lessons to a 11 year old boy and he was asking if I heard about the Tsunami in Japan to which I replied of course and commented how sad it was. He smiled this sort of evil smile and said he didn’t think it was sad cause it was happening in Japan. Its awful how so much hatred is not only ingrained in older Koreans but also in their children and grandchildren,

    • Well hopefully you made him feel like an ass and humiliated him…. oh, private class. You should have brought it up with his mother and at the very least she would tell him not to say that around certain people.

  3. Real Asian Says:

    You fucking shit! You’re not Korean! How can you claim to know more about Korean History than a real Korean? On top of that, how can you even claim to be Korean when you obviously are pro Japanese. Real Koreans should hate Japan, and I think that anyone who is Korean and is helping Japan is only for self interested because we have some gain from helping Japs. If I were in charge of Korea, I’d say fuck you, we won’t help you unless you say Dokdo is ours and change your history books. Japs and whites can go to hell for all I care.

    If you were Korean you wouldn’t even think of helping Japans. They deserve to die for what they did to my country and you can’t ever understand that because you’re NOT KOREAN!!!!

    • LOL @ Real Asian Says:

      If I knew who you were and saw you in the street I would beat you down to a bloody pulp you idiot. Yes, that’s a real threat. And you know what, I don’t give a rats arse if you’re korean or not, you’re a racist, a moron, a coward and probably have a tiny and I mean really f’ing small penis.

      Wait till your korea cousin kin jong ill attacks you from the north, enslaves you southerns and see if you dont call out for the world to help.

      If you get your korean history knowledge from the crappy “historical dramas” they put on TV in korea, then you’re ready to be brainwashed by the north anyways. Lets hope you are never in charge of korea, because unlike you, you racist fuck, there are a lot of nice people here, and if you were in charge, the whole country would be bombed to oblivion by the rest of the world. Piss off

      • I don’t condone violence. Just let these sad people continue living their sad lives.

        That said, I don’t appreciate your comments that perpetuate certain stereotypes, and I really can’t back you up on wishing that North Korea comes to take over the South.

        You sound like you’re actually racist against Koreans, and fighting racism with racism is not the answer.

        • Yup. Your response to “Real Asian”, LOL, was racist. And I don’t understand the comment you made about how you probably know more about Korean history than the guy you were talking to on the bus. Really? You know more history about Korea than a Korean? There is much for Koreans to be legitimately upset about (comfort women camps, fishing territory disputes, Dokdo island, I could go on-and-on.) And don’t even get me started on the penis insult you made (like that isn’t the most ignorant and narrow-minded comeback to make at another male). What is it with males and their penis insults? Your girlfriends, if you guys have them, would be the best judges of that argument. Anyhow, despite all of the anger surrounding our history, the majority of Koreans are compassionate towards Japan right now. And the largest minority living in Japan are Koreans. Over 240 Korean doctors are in Japan volunteering their help to victims. Don’t let a few crazy people in the minority who believe that Japan deserved the disaster irritate you. I just argued with a crazy Korean about the tsunami and decided that I wasn’t gonna argue with a crazy person anymore. Haters are everywhere, and they refuse to be changed.

          • “And I don’t understand the comment you made about how you probably know more about Korean history than the guy you were talking to on the bus. Really? You know more history about Korea than a Korean?”

            First of all, not that blood has anything to do with knowledge of history, I’m also Korean.
            Second, I know all the reasons that Koreans feel resentment towards Japan over history. Most of those I also resent Japan for.

            Third. That guy on the bus is an idiot. I’ve studied Korean history in undergrad and in grad school (at Yonsei), and from many different sources. I’m of course assuming, but he’s probably gotten his biased high school history education, word of mouth misinformation from other gullible Koreans (see the whole Corea vs Korea debate for gross misinformation), and whatever he’s seen on TV. If not, and he actually does know history well, then I’ll have to apologize to him for getting him totally wrong. But either way, being resentful at the Japanese government for not owning up to history, and rejoicing about the death of tens of thousands of people is totally different.

            As far as the other guy who replied to Real Asian, I can’t really vouch for him. I know nothing about him, and I take no responsibility for his comment.

            Thanks for reading, and I think if you were to continue, you’d find a lot of interesting stuff on this blog.

  4. man. I thought that guy was joking at first. I bet he wouldn’t want to get in a history discussion with you or me, it’s be pretty embarrassing for him, since I’m really not Korean, to be shown to be incredibly ignorant of his own history. Heck, then just for fun I’d start quizzing him on Korean culture. of course without Korean blood flowing in my veins I guess anything I say is a crock of BS anyway… but I’d give it a try!

    • Who are you, CB? A professor of Korean history? Hmm. I’m guessing… NOT! Yes. You are right. Anything you say is a crock of BS.

      • CB is an academic and probably knows more about Korean history and traditional culture than anyone not in her field.

        I think you are missing the point of it all. Saying that I or she knows more about Korean history is merely a device to point out his stupidity. And I think we all agree that being happy about the tsunami taking people’s lives and homes is stupid.

        • Eugene, I wasn’t missing the point. I understood your point, but I was distracted at yours and CB’s attitude towards wanting to point out that you guys know more history than this guy on the bus. Who cares if you guys can teach him more history than he learned in grade school if he’s already a crazy loon? And yes, people who are happy about the tsunami taking people’s lives are disturbed.

          • You are missing the point. History and knowledge of it has nothing to do with what I am emoting in this particular post. I was trying to cleverly tell the guy that he is a poor representative of Korean people, which it seems like I’ve failed at doing because you don’t seem to get it.

      • Melissa, if you mean do I have a degree in Korean history, no, I do not. I am, however, an academic in the field of Korean Studies, which means I have studied Korean history in depth (and from of the most deservedly famous Korean historians such as Lew Young Ick and John Duncan). My area within Korean Studies is Korean Cultural Studies, something that I could not possibly understand without a detailed knowledge of Korean history. In my particular field of concentration I have been conducting research since 2004. I can confidently say there are only a few dozen people in the world who are at my level of knowledge on the topic and less than half a dozen who know more and yes, almost all of those few dozen are Korean. But being Korean does -not- automatically confer knowledge. Most Koreans have a very superficial understanding of Korean history from half remembered high school classes (most university programs, in for example, economics, do not require any Korean history classes, or require a general survey class on Korean history and culture during the freshman year) and often quite inaccurate “historical” dramas.

        • I think it was more the tone or cockiness you both conveyed when talking about your “knowledge of Korean history” that irritated me. Just by stating how he felt Japan deserved the tsunami/earthquake said how stupid he was all on its own. If he wants to be a hater, he should just shut his trap and keep his opinions to himself. Noting your level of education seemed like a petty comment to make about some stranger on the bus. You shouldn’t just immediately discount someone just because they don’t have the same level of education as you. You don’t have to be an expert in history to know how f***’ed up the relations between Korea and Japan are. I never said that you have to have Korean blood in your veins to be more credible either. But being born in Korea and being related to Koreans who lived during Japan’s occupation does give you some merit to argue about Japanese and Korean relations. People who make statements like that guy on the bus may be making statements like that because they know or are related to someone who lived through the Japanese occupation (And I’m not saying that it gives them the permission to say cruel comments about people who are experiencing a disaster.). I’ve been reading about Korean Americans who are saying that some of their halmonees are happy about this disaster because their mothers/sisters/cousins were taken as comfort women or were raped and killed by Japanese soldiers during the war. I’m shocked by their reaction, but then I also try to understand how much anger and hatred they feel from their perspective. I wouldn’t start calling them out on that just because they don’t have enough experience in studying Korean history. I think it’s really sad when you can’t feel sorry for another country going through a disaster like this. When someone says something as hateful as “I think Japan deserved it,” I wonder what happened to his/her relatives (his halmonee, aunts, etc.) to make him say a statement like that. Their real-life experiences are their education. CB, you are an anomaly. The fact that you are not Korean and are so interested in Korean studies makes me wonder if you were Korean in another life. I don’t live in Korea so I don’t know what the public’s general knowledge of Korean history is, but I honestly hope that what you say is not true (“Most Koreans .. understanding of Korean history from .. inaccurate “historical” dramas”). I just watched a video on YouTube about how the Korean comfort women who usually protest in front of the Japanese embassy are taking a break from protesting to pray for the victims in Japan. I think these women represent the majority of how Koreans feel about the victims in Japan. I just wish all of the hateful Koreans would learn from these amazing women.

          • That’s quite a long paragraph.. I guess I’ll be going little by little to reply to you.

            Noting your level of education seemed like a petty comment to make about some stranger on the bus.

            While that may be true, when someone confronts me for whatever language I am speaking on my phone, then gives me a bigoted view that he expects me to agree with, then my “petty comment” is the least of his worries. If anything it might at least get him to think about why I would have said that.

            But being born in Korea and being related to Koreans who lived during Japan’s occupation does give you some merit to argue about Japanese and Korean relations.

            Thanks for conferring merit upon me. You’ve just given me plenty of authority to say whatever I want to about the Japanese occupation. Did you ever wonder why I would be talking to my cousin in Japanese? Did you ever think that the Japanese occupation might be just as personal to me as well? Well I can’t speak for you, but I am pretty damn sure this guy on the bus certainly didn’t But I’m supposed to humor him in his bigotry and smile and accept his bigoted opinion while not getting in any words myself?

            I wouldn’t start calling them out on that just because they don’t have enough experience in studying Korean history.
            You’re totally missing the point. I didn’t call him out on that. What I called him out on was 1) being rude by taking offense to my speaking Japanese on the bus and vocalizing his displeasure. 2) Not leaving me alone when I got up because I didn’t want to talk to him. 3) Telling me that I don’t know Korean history. 4) Calling me a “Jap lover” (친일파). (On the last one, I know the dictionary translation is “pro-Japanese” but the nuance isn’t communicated there, “Jap-lover” isn’t quite an exact translation, but I feel it communicates the vulgarity that is associated with that term.)

            Yea, perhaps I should have just taken my other seat and not said anything when he kept bugging me, but as a Korean, sometimes I can’t let stupidity from other Koreans just slide. I even tried to walk away and ignore him, then he accused me of not knowing Korean history. (I guess his assumption was that if I did know Korean history, then I too would be happy that Japan is going through the disaster.) I probably should have ignored him more, but the fact that he felt the need to harass me for something as simple as this, and basically making me feel as if I can’t be considered Korean because I don’t hate Japan with the same burning intensity as he does… well sometimes someone with issues like me gets riled up when you push the right buttons.

            My one statement, In which I said that I probably knew more about Koran history than he did wasn’t to suggest that I’m an expert on Korean history or even that I know a lot about it. I was trying to get him to see that his particular viewpoint was extremely nationalist.. and that his viewpoint isn’t a good representation of Koreans, as it appears that’s what he was trying to do to the Japanese speaking white looking guy.

            Melissa, you seem like a good person. Believe me when I say this, that I am one of the least cocky and most humble people on the planet (even though saying that you are humble is not very humble, believe me.) I also admit that I to this day I still have a lot of issues. I’m not discounting anyone from any conversation I have because they don’t have the same level of education. Quite the contrary, in the facebook group that I am an admin of “Dokdo belongs to Korea” we’ve heard some of the best arguments from high school students (and some terribly bigoted ones from PhDs). In this particular case, I discounted the guy for not leaving well enough alone and continuing to antagonize me and make assumptions about me based on my appearance or whatever language I was speaking. My level of education has nothing to do with what I was saying.

            If you don’t get it, and you think I’m being unfair to that guy.. then you’ll probably never see it my way anyway. Keep reading the blog though, because I like the back and forth with you.

  5. That one be trollin, pay him no mind.

  6. He is a coward. Hiding behind a computer and talking garbage definitely qualifies as a coward. Why don’t you just delete him?

  7. gang zhou, esq. Says:

    To: “Eugene Is Huge”

    Your posting per se uses disturbingly uncivilized language. Your comment using such uncivilized language referring to others’ feelings of dislike or hate of [j]apan demeans healthy online discourse about current topics. Did you know why some people in this world hold [j]apan in very low esteem to the point of looking this nation with a brutal, savage, dehumanized and evil past that involves a 8-year war against CHINA in which 30 million Chinese people died at the hands of brutal, savage, dehumanized and civil hands of [j]apaneses invading forces? Did you know that this nation sent its brutal, savage, dehumanized and evil forces to “rape” the city of Nanjing, CHINA’s then capital in World War II when 300,000 unarmed Chinese military personnel and civilians including children, women, and elderly people were systematically beheaded, bayoneted, buried alive, raped, shot and tortured to death one by one, group by group, by the brutal, savage, dehumanized and evil [j]apanese soldiers at the order of high [j]apanese military command? Did you know that till this day [j]apan did not even acknowledge its brutal, savage, dehumanized, and civil past connected to its war crime of the Rape of Nanjing (check information on Google for your own sake)? Didi you know that [j]apan for all these war atrocities committed against CHINA by its brutal, savage, dehumanized and evil military forces who murdered a total of 30 million innocent Chinese people including children, women and elderly people has never officially apologized to China, much less to pay one single dime of war damage to CHINA? Did you know that [j]apanese history books openly deny this nation’s brutal, savage, dehumanized and evil past of having committed such war atrocities against CHINA?

    So who are you to tell the world opinion who is “dumb” for hating [j]apan for all the right reasons? Who are you to tell the world opinion whether [j]apan’s brutal, savage, dehumanized and evil past could ever be pardoned by the CHINESE people or any other descendants of the CHINESE nation whose family members were murdered, raped, tortured to death by the brutal, savage, dehumanized and evil [j]apan in World War II? Who are you after all who is not even willing to show his or her real name online at this so-called “eugene is huge” blog?

    I invite you to an online debate one on one on the topic: Whether [j]apan is still widely hated for the right reasons!!! I will prove to the world your ignorance about history and you lack of sensitivity to other nations’ historical emotional pains and sufferings that remain raw till this day.

    GANG ZHOU, ESQ. NYC, 03/20/2011

    • Hahahaha.

      1. I’m not going to debate you. The reason why is because I’ll agree with practically everything you say.
      2. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes, I am aware of Japan’s evil past. Especially related to Korea and China (and Nanjing massacre).
      3. My opinion is that the other guy was dumb for rejoicing at the loss of human life.
      4. It’s totally okay to be critical of and show hatred for the Japanese government. It’s not okay to hate Japanese people, especially those who have had nothing to do with what happened in the past.
      5. My name is Eugene Hwang. You can click “about this blog” if you want to find out who I am.

  8. gang zhou, esq. Says:

    To Internet commentators who are prone to characterize others’ opinions and ideas as “dumb”:

    “Dumb” is not a scientific word. It carries connotations of looking down at others when the user may be very well wrong and hence may be very well “dumb” by his own definition or intention for using that derogative term. So here is my piece of advice to such users of the word “dumb”. Before you speak or write down that word, look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself the question: Do I really have any clue about the topic I am dealing with? If you are honest with yourself and know for a fact that you know practically little or nothing about the topic, hold back your impulse to use the word “dumb” to anyone who may hold a different opinion as compared with your own. For instance, I may be very well “dumb” if I freely characterize others’ comments about baseball as “dumb” if I don’t already know a thing or two about baseball. To apply this universal principle of reasoning to yourself, ask yourself whether you really know something about the topic on which you are about to inject the world “dumb” in your comments by referring to others as “dumb” because you may be very well doing something very “dumb” and end up being rightly called “dumb” by the whole world.

    GANG ZHOU, ESQ. (NYC) 03-20-2011

    • This blog isn’t academic for one. Next, I know plenty about the topic, so I think I can use whatever word I want to.

      For someone using the title ESQ, you sure seem to react emotionally before digesting the point of what you have just read.

      The point of this post was to suggest that saying that the (current, living, innocent) Japanese people deserve to experience the death, destruction, and hardship of this natural disaster is a viewpoint that I disagree with, and not a very educated one.

      Anyone intelligent enough to have passed the Bar Exam should be able to get the gist of what I was typing.

      Instead, you didn’t directly attack anything I said, but made speculation about who I was and what I know or don’t know about history. Most information about me is available on this blog itself on the page called “about this blog”, and you can gauge my knowledge of history from some of my previous posts. But yes, that would actually take time, which appears to be something you are short of, as a google search of your handle shows that you’ve been making rounds talking negatively about Japan in as many places as you possibly can over the past few days.

      Once and for all, I’m not giving a free pass to Japan for its past, and I don’t think Japan has done enough to deserve forgiveness from its Asian neighbors. I still don’t think that alone is enough to openly wish a natural disaster on Japanese people.

  9. To Gang Zhao.. I was just wondering why you write CHINA and [j]apan instead of China and Japan. It’s very interesting, and I am in no way trying to mock you or anything like that. Could you explain why you are doing that? It’s pretty wild.

  10. WWII bygones and rejoicing at the death of an entire group of schoolchildren born in the 1990’s? Only a dumb c**nk/g**k would be able to do that.

    • I will not allow racial slurs on my blog unless the topic of discussion is the word itself.

      I also don’t endorse your opinion, as this very post showed that a lot of the people who were rejoicing were ignorant ass white Americans. Ignorance, stupidity, or “dumbness” knows no racial boundaries.

  11. I found these comments quite amusing, you all really need to stop living in the past and move on. Alas, it is true what they say, ignorance is bliss.

  12. Bill S. Preston, ESQ Says:

    I find these comments to be brutal, savage, dehumanized and civil/evil.

  13. Gang Zhou Esq:

    “Dumb is not an academic word.”

    neither are “brutal, savage, dehumanized and evil” all of which you used repeatedly in your comment. They are emotive words chosen to provoke an emotional response in the reader. Attempting to stir emotions rather than engaging ideas is just about the opposite of academic.

    Anyone who uses a historical grudge as an excuse to be happy about thousands of deaths caused by a natural disaster, has allowed patriotism to cloud their humanity.

    “Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious” – Oscar Wilde

  14. Wow….first of all that collage pic knocked me on my ass. I would have never expected this kind of heartless Schadenfreud from Americans with their identities clearly stated on Facebook. I mean, 1) even from a tit-for-tat perspective aren’t these people’s thirst for vengeance satisfied by the knowledge that the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki came after Pearl Harbor and definitively ended the war that started with the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor? I mean, unlike Koreans and Chinese, Americans have nothing to feel unsettled score because of.

    2) John Gabriel’s Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory would normally account fo this kind of behavior, but it can only be invoked when anonymity is in play. (See http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2004/03/19/ for reference.) These people are posting on Facebook where all their friends can see it, not as a anon with a guy fawkes mask as their picture.

    Great post Eugene. And way to troll for trolls with a completely reasonable and dispassionate argument.

  15. To Real Asian…

    I guess the most vocal Korean person on Korea’s side of the Dokdo dispute isn’t Korean?


    • Real Asian Says:

      You shitty idiot, he has to say like that because he’s celebrity. You know in his heart that he hates Japanese because he is a real Korean and has done a lot for Dokdo cause! What have you done for Korea? Nothing. You’re not Korean. You don’t look korean, you don’t acting Korean, and you love those slimy japs.

      • >What have you done for Korea? Nothing.

        Well, I think he translated a lot of documents for the G-20 Conference and he prevented Korea from looking stupid by stopping a claim at an event in China that Korea invented breakdancing. So I’d say he’s done a few things to help Korea’s national image.

        What have you done for your country’s national image this week?

        • Yea, for the record, the documents for the G20 were mostly speeches for certain VIPs… so I tried to keep them as short as possible. The break dancing thing was something I edited while at the Shanghai expo, that said that bboying was invented in Korea in the early 2000’s. I was quick to correct that by removing “invented” and changing it to “became popular in Korea shortly after its revival in the U.S. in the late ’90s”. Not that I know anything about breaking, but I do know that it was huge in the ’80s, then it died down for a long time, until it came back in the late ’90s bigger than ever. Maybe “invented” was a bad translation or something, but I think the written text was trying to convey that Korean bboys have a specific Korean “style” that they invented…. That would really be a blog post for someone more familiar with Korean bboys, so I’m going to have to take the pass on that one.

  16. Gregory Kwon Says:

    Holy shit dick. Haha. The replies are great.

    I’ve gotta say… you’re going to run into a bunch of dumbasses wherever you go. The average Korean, is a retard. The average American, is also a retard. Most of the population of any country is going to make that country look dumb as hell. And in Korea, it’s compounded by the fact that they base a large amount of their real life education on hearsay. Fan death? Really? BTW… comfort women, red light districts and any other problems that were brought in by Japan all those years ago… are being perpetuated by Koreans, not Japanese. Japanese people didn’t create the quasi-prostitution ring within media companies and the entertainment industry. Koreans did that all by themselves. No one’s forcing you to go to room salons and ‘anma’ places. It’s like a group of people being enslaved 100 years ago, blaming their current poor conditions on the status quo of today. No, you’re in that hole, because you decided it was easier to just stay in that hovel.

    Before any one gets pissy…. I’m Korean. And this country embarrasses me 70% of the time. Especially the older generations.

    BTW. The penis comment isn’t really ignorant. It’s just juvenile. It’s true… but juvenile. All my Korean friends here always talk about how small their dicks are. So I don’t think it’s just an ignorant stereotype.

    • Fan death is real though.

      As far as comfort women vs. modern Korean prostitution, the former was organized and carried out by the Imperial Japanese government, whereas the latter is only patronized totally outlawed by the current Korean government.

      As far as the penis stereotype is concerned, I don’t think that there are any scientific data that have been published, but condoms are reported by some to be notably smaller in Korea and Japan. Whether the general size is smaller or larger matters little. I was calling the guy who used the stereotype at Real Asian out for using the stereotype in a way to demean someone of a particular race, in the same post where he was calling that very person a racist.

      Anyhow, thanks for commenting. I think this is probably my most popular post to date, discussion wise.

      • The only problem with that particular explanation of fan death is… instead of proving fan death, it’s basically just saying Hyperthermia is real. The Korean definition of fan death excludes the idea of seasonal use, and includes the idea that you can’t close the doors and windows. Also, there were some problems in the explanation.

        The conditions for fan death to ‘work’ are basically, you are generally dehydrated to begin with[otherwise you could sweat up a storm for a long long long time], it’s the dead of a hot hot summer with an ambient temperature higher than 98 degrees F[the oven example is different because it’s cooking temperature], you are running a fan, or there’s a strong breeze[hence opening your window wouldn’t actually help], you’d have to be sleeping with no sheets or covers, otherwise, the wet sheets would keep you cool, you’d have to be a reeeeeally heavy sleeper to not wake up and get a glass of water because you’d be insanely thirsty and probably uncomfortably hot, hence why there’s a strong warning to old people. In other words, a fan would be a very very tiny risk factor, among a plethora of other factors. And honestly, if you’re an old dehydrated person sleeping in sweltering heat, chances are, you’re gonna die anyway. Hence why we had so many elderly Americans die last summer. It had nothing to do with fans.

        Korean definition of fan death is 100% wrong. You don’t suffocate, you don’t freeze, and the closed door has nothing to do with it. But, I will concede that fans can be a tiny tiny tiny contributing factor to the speed of onset of hyperthermia, in situations where you’re going to die from hyperthermia anyway. Whereas in any situation where ambient temperatures are 98 degrees or lower, it’s actually helping to cool your body, even if you’re sweating bullets.

        Also, in terms of cases of fan death in Korea, every recent case that was reported by newspapers have been an utter crock of sh*t. Autopsies have been performed on the deceased, and the primary causes of death were unrelated to fan use. However, Korean newspapers never follow-up.

        In any case, if this new found explanation is what people want to call ‘fan death’, then that’s fine. But it just sounds more like… extreme idiocy causing you to do everything in the world you can to make your body overheat first, and then blaming the fan.

        Anyway… I donated to Japan today. I’m both Korean and American. The Japanese people that attacked America, and did such horrible things to Korea are NOT the same ones out there now. And no one on this forum suffered due to those atrocities either. Otherwise, I would promote the destruction of the US for its past atrocities, and the destruction of Korea for its current ones.[FYI, the majority of women forced into sex slavery in the US, are Koreans… and… they’re put there by…. tada… Koreans.] Stop whining and help your fellow humans out.

        • I agree with you, except that excessive amounts of alcohol have been known to make people not care if they get into bed without covers, dehydrate people, and leave them passed out enough not to get up for a glass of water when sleeping.

          I also have near contempt for Korean media, as evidenced by other posts I have made on this blog, so it’s not surprising that fan death never gets refuted.

    • Gregory, you seem like a ding-dong who’s proud of his small dong.

  17. With you out of the way, that’s one more non-Native less in the States. Thanks for leaving the U.S. and lessening the burden of one more occupier on Native soil.

    • I don’t quite understand your angle here. You’re either:

      A) Mortified that I am being critical of the U.S. and telling me you are happy I’m not in the U.S.
      B) Calling me a hypocrite for being critical of the Japanese and their treatment of Korea by trying to point out that the U.S. did worse to the Native Americans in an attempt to guilt trip me.
      C) Someone who agrees with me and who isn’t being sarcastic, who hates America and also thinks that I do too.
      D) A total moron.

      I’ll go with A, giving you the benefit of the doubt.

      Sir Kreetz, why does it bother you so that I criticize fellow Americans?

  18. JustAnotherKorean Says:

    Even though we do hate them, we did a lot to help them honestly. Can’t we get at least some credit for helping them out? I mean, a lot of Koreans donated, even sent out people to go help despite the nuclear radiation. Even though they once again claimed dokdo was their land and dumped bunch of nuclear waste into our sea, we still helped. (Well, a lot of Koreans reached their limits when they heard this).

    Idk, I’m just saying this because it seems that your post is only focusing on the “idiot” and it seems that you are generalizing Korea to a point that we are cold
    “idiotic” people who didn’t do anything to help because of their history. I mean think of what it took us, to help them, in an emotional sense. We had to ignore our personal hatred in order to help out. Its quite like US helping out the “terrorist”, after 9/11. Emmm not going to happen. [Please do not take it personal, I’m just taking an example of what kind of hate we feel towards them].

    Moreover, I don’t think anyone can be better at history. Despite if your a Korean or not. I mean it really depends on what you define history. Your beliefs? or facts? History is very different for everyone, since its a summation of different prospective. And prospective are bias sometimes. So, nobody can say they are better than someone (unless the person didn’t take history).

    Emm for me at least, I still do hate Japan. And yes you can call me a Japanese hater. But, I can’t help it. I mean think of your people getting raped, prosecuted, shoot for fun. We were practically treated below dogs back then. And back then is only 70 years ago. Emm just imagine how horrible it was -.- . So its kind of natural. Still that doesn’t mean that I go out an start hating on Japanese people. I do have a handful of Japanese friends and I do consume Japanese good ( can’t be helped right? hehe). So, my point is we can’t really help it and we shouldn’t be criticized for our beliefs. It maybe ignorant, but its something that can’t be emotionally helped. Personally, I think we want to remember the hate so that Japanese occupation of Korea never happens again. Honestly, Japanese occupation.. is one of the worst.. if you compare all the colonies.

    Pls don’t rage, I only wrote this because your post seem to generalize that every Korean are enjoying the disaster.

    • JAK, I don’t think I generalized all Koreans in this post, but I will admit that you are not the first to have received it in that way. I haven’t heard about the nuclear waste in Korean waters case. Can you link me with this story?

      Next… I don’t really think your analogy between Japan and Korea vs. US and “Terrorists” makes much sense. Japan was a colonial power that conquered Korea. Terrorists in 9/11 were a small group who didn’t conquer anything.

      You’re right, I was focusing on that idiot and I would hope that readers would know to distinguish between him and the population in general, but your post here will cause a lot more people to generalize Koreans, because you talk about hatred for Japan as a mere given.

      Anyhow, if you want to discuss, I am game. If this is a one-off, then thanks for reading and commenting.

      • JustAnotherKorean Says:

        Yeah, I mean you don’t specifically generalize Koreans as haters, but as you talk about the guy in the bus, it seems to be more focused on Koreans.

        Anyways, my analogy was only to express our emotional hate. At the time, didn’t the Americans have emotional hate towards the terrorists? Even I, who wasn’t American felt vast amount of hatred towards the small group of people. Honestly, I only took this example, cause its really hard to compare hatred among countries and it was somewhat suitable for a comparison. Well, I think the hate towards Japan was worst.

        Well they didn’t exactly dump it in “Korean waters” as they didn’t sail across and dumped in Korean waters. They dumped it in the Pacific. And its hard to say that Korean waters are unaffected. Well, the main reason Koreans are angry, (well, ,Russians Chinese too I guess since there’s ocean current that spreads the nuclear waste, and the fishes don’t just stay in one place) is because they didn’t tell neighbor countries about this. So, it was kind of inconsiderate. I guess it could be a bit too much to ask, but I think they should have at least consulted with other countries. Well, the Japanese Government did realize their faults and apologized and promised our government that the Japanese gov’t will inform Korean gov’t about these things next time. But, the truth is, Japanese gov’t made the Korean public really mad. The general public’s voice changed 180 degrees. So before Japan’s gov’t did these stuff, Korean voices were more towards, “Despite hate, we should help Japan as they are our neighbor country”. Then after it was more like “Helping Japan was a mistake, lets not even talk about them”. This is what I saw in Korean comments in nate pann and other Korean news. Well, few friends as well. So, hating Japan isn’t that hard for Koreans -.-


        This is the site for the dumping. Its from chosun. Chosun is quite bias as it is very right-wing. Yeah, its where you get articles where they diss Kim Jung Il lol. But, I thought it was quite credible, since they were the ones who encouraged people to donate to Japan. So, I don’t see any reason for them to suddenly change their views to destroy Japan’s image. So, I’m assuming its at least somewhat true.

        Sorry I wrote a lot. Its just that I would want to prevent people from over generalizing what Koreans are like. We aren’t that heartless. We did do what any neighbor country would do to help. Most intelligent people would realize it bad to generalize, but sometimes there are always those who tend to believe what every they see about other countries and they like to just down grade them. like Japanese whale hunting for example. They probably just read something on youtube comment about killing whales and when the earth quake happened, they spammed “you deserve it whale killers!”. And I won’t be surprised if those people start spamming “you deserve it heartless evil Japanese haters!.” (Even though what that person said was somewhat true)

  19. Yujinishuge ~ I salute all your replies without your losing sleep. This is an amusing comment box which tickled me lots. I am a Malaysian born Chinese who once studied in US and shared an apartment with a Korean and Japanese. We had 3 cultures to share after much squabbles by the Korean friends against the 1 Japanese guy who was humble and never retaliated. He admitted that his country was at fault and he could offer no apology if new generations kept hurling abuses at him. I thought over that it was no fault of his and life should move on like some have said. Greg made a wise statement ~ The Japanese people that attacked America, and did such horrible things to Korea are NOT the same ones out there now…..

  20. JustAnotherKorean Says:

    Btw, I think, you should meet up with Real Asian .. Honestly, I think he’s bored and I don’t think he can say stuff that he’s saying right now in person.

  21. I just saw a documentary about people rallying in japan because they want to demonstrate against a korean star Kim Tae Hee. im not sure u saw, but im sure its allover korea. I just wanted to ask u for your opinion on this matter. If u didnt im happy to convey the content of the documentary.

    • My opinion is that some people in Japan see it as alarming or something when there is a large Korean presence on Japaneae TV. They feel like their country is being stolen from them. I think though that they are getting all fussy over nothing. Stations show what people want to see. With that in mind, they have the right to protest whatever they want. But how would they feel if people protested Japanese people and things in their own country. Somehow I think we would hear… “that’s different.”

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