Sparse posting due to quake and tsunami.


I was originally going to write about the “sex scandal” in Shanghai that I’ve been following all week but as of yesterday I’ve been glued to the TV watching NHK and all the horrific damage from the offshore earthquake and resulting tsunami. I really hope everyone in Japan is ok. It really makes my post criticizing certain diplomats and not so hot femme fatales seem not important.

I’ll still probably write that later but for now… prayin for Japan. YIKES.


4 Responses to “Sparse posting due to quake and tsunami.”

  1. Events can quickly change priorities.

  2. I’d still be interested to read all your cheap shots at pemme patals.

    But yeah. Every time I think we’ve bottomed out in Japan, news of another reactor running out of coolant, or a new mind-blowing youtube clip, rips off the band-aid.

  3. i hope everything will just fine…pray~~

  4. …..Pray for Japan…! 😦

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