If you watch the Kill Bill movies backwards…

The greatest doctor who ever lived!

They are about a miracle doctor who reconstructs a wealthy man’s heart using pressure points on his chest and returns his daughter to him.

She then travels to Texas performs split second eye surgery on a blind woman, and buries herself in the ground. The other woman uses her mind control powers on a magic snake that removes the poison from another man.

He then digs the doctor out of the ground, unties her and takes her back to his trailer, but tells her she has to sleep under it, slamming the door on her.

The doctor instead goes to California, to do heart surgery with a knife on a little girl’s mother. The mother and doctor then clean up her kitchen and living room.

She then decides to go to Japan to perform her greatest miracle yet. She first goes to the hospital and reattaches a lady’s arm and stuffs her in the trunk of her car after telling her about all her other miracles.

She goes to a restaurant that was recently hit with a terrible disaster and reattaches a woman’s scalp, saves 88 amputees, and performs brain surgery on a high school girl using a broken table leg with two nails sticking out of it. The two of them fix the table together with the girl’s magic fix it all ball and chain.

After fixing everything in the restaurant, lots of guests come to eat dinner. The Doctor reattaches the arm to the woman who was in her trunk. They go to the bathroom together. Everyone is so happy that they decide to have a party.

The doctor then goes to Okinawa and returns a sword to a man who melts it down as scrap metal. She goes back to America, gives her car to an unconscious nurse and performs emergency brain surgery on him using a door. She then takes a nap for 4 years. Later all the people she has helped find her near death at a church and heal her. They too are miracle doctors.

She then travels to China to hang out with an old man. The wealthy guy picks her up and they go camping.

Edit: Oh yea, somewhere in there is an animated story about a woman who uses a strong gun shaped magnet to do brain surgery on the president of Mexico, and a bunch of other people till one day someone comes along and does surgery on her dad.


4 Responses to “If you watch the Kill Bill movies backwards…”

  1. you make it sound so happy…

  2. Sounds like a better movie than the the one I paid a $9.50 see back in 2003.

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