I’m now a part of the Korean Blog List.

Yea it's random, but I like to add a picture for every post....

I had actually forgotten about this when I did the migration. I went and tried to reroute all the places that were pointing to the Seoul Searcher and point them here. So I tried to change my registration on the Korean Blog List. I didn’t think it would take so long for it to go through, but I am told now by e-mail that I am now a member…. (I guess they should add “again” to the e-mail.) I wonder how they determined my blog was Korea related. If they’ve been checking the past 6 weeks it’s been all about geeky movie and TV watching stuff.

I’m listed in the section Koreans in Korea. I guess they didn’t want to make a new category for Gyopos, and there would be few “actual” Koreans (I think the popular blogging term for citizens of Korea who were born and raised in Korea is KoKos…..? I forget..) blogging in English. Anyway that means I am easier to find. It’s better to be listed here than in a sea of Foreigners in Korea blogs. I only have to compete with 20 or so, and I’m #4 in line. If I were in the FiK listing I’d be up against like 80.

Well, I hope that this leads to a traffic increase so I can get more customers.. haha.

Oh, and if you don’t like my posting schedule.. check out their list and find someone else’s blog to read to satiate your Korea blogging demand…. you freak.

25 Responses to “I’m now a part of the Korean Blog List.”

  1. Real Asian Says:

    That’s funny because you’re NOT KOREAN! Why do you keep trying to pretend you are? The Korean bloglist should ban all whites from their list because they are taking my country away from real full blood Koreans who are pure. You are a waste of life and everyone knows that you are fake and NOT KOREAN! I will tell Korean Blog list that you are liar and get you kicked out of it!

    • Aha, so you found me finally. Don’t you have something better to do?

      • Real Asian Says:

        Your picture shows that you are not a Korean so I know I was right about Seoul Searcher faker you are. You are gay and you are disgrace to Koreans.. REAL Koreans like me. You even admitted that you are a FAG because you kissed a FAG like Cho Hanbit. I’m going to tell everyone that I found your identity and that Seoul Searcher is a lying GAY FAG!

  2. Ha!, he found you!!

    I didn’t know there was a Korean Blog List… u_u
    I’ve been lost lately with the blogs I usually read (even with my own) .. it’s been a couple of rough weeks 😦

  3. that guys is for real? like, it’s not some weird, crazy inside joke?


    that’s definitely a person in his own universe.

    • Yes, he’s real. He trolled me on my last blog. (You can find gems of his in the north Korean soccer team article, where he says he wishes that NK would attack SK to kill the whites who are raping the country and stealing our girls…)

      I guess he has nothing better to do than troll people.

  4. korean blog list. they rock. i’ve always loved that site…

  5. KBL was always good for about a dozen clicks a day for me: for a blogger getting started, a dozen clicks a day is an awesome start, and good to build on.

  6. LOL at the real asian… you are a tool… im japanese, im not an asian.

    only westernised whitewashed people call themselves asians, while the people true to their ethnicity back in their home countries call themselves by their ethnicity, not their race (oriental, not asian).

    you my friend are a biproduct of whitewashing at its finest… now, begone… go be asian or something you asian.

  7. btw you asian…. im yet to hear of anybody in japan, china or korea call themselves a 亞洲人 (sorry if you cant read kanji, im guessing you cant as you are an asian)

    in china, people say 我是中國人 (wo shi zhong guo ren, i am a chinese), in my life in japan and china, i have NEVER hear anybody say 我是亞洲人….. its only the “asians” who have been whitewashed living in america/australia, who are out to prove how “asian” they are (its a form of small dick syndrome, akin to buying a hummer h2 to show what a man you are)

    to further my point, chinese admit that they are of the oriental race (its not called asian race), but never say that they are 亞洲人, they always say they are chinese. now us japanese are NOT even from the oriental race at all, so that makes us definetly not asian.

    Yujin is not an asian, he is a korean. i am not a asian/oriental, i am a japanese. you however are an ASIAN… i feel sorry for you, i would hate to be an asian. hehehe.

  8. Japanese are our own race separate to oriental. Hehe, that’s what I was teach when I was young.

    So where did the Asian guy go anyways?

    • Um… how so?

      While I will agree with you that Japanese have a very diverse ancestry that includes polynesians, peoples from china, and peoples who inhabited the Phillipines, it is a well known fact that the most traceable line of ancestry comes from mostly Yayoi ancestry with smatterings of Jomon here and there.

      Ainu are the remnants of the Jomon civilization. The Yayoi however came from… the peninsula directly adjacent to Japan. (I won’t say Korea, because it wasn’t Korea then… just that the stock of people are ancestors to modern day Koreans and Japanese.

      To suggest that Japanese are a separate race is often a type of isolationist teaching, and often used by those who wish to speak in defense of Japan’s imperialistic era.

      Japanese are very clearly Toyojin… and while I respect your aversion to the term “asian” it is the accepted term in the United States to describe toyojin. Used clearly as a term to identify those in the East Asian Cultural Sphere, I see no problem with it. But yes, it does sound silly to say I’m Asian… just as silly as it would for people from France to say I’m European, or people from Argentina to say I’m South American.

  9. Well to say I’m an Asian is just like to say I’m a white (which is even less specific than saying European). It just sounds stupid.

    Also note that people only say they are Asian when speaking English. Like nobody in japan introduces themselves as a toyojin, and nobody in china I traduces themselves as a yazhouren. It’s just these whitewashed kids in America and Australia who speak english.

    The whole concept of “being an Asian” is so dumb, and that troll is suchan Asian, I guess it fits well. Anyway where is he? Busy being an Asian or something?

    • In the context of a multicultural or multiracial society though, words like white, black, yellow (or in this case asian), are necessary. The reason people in japan wouldn’t ever say I’m a toyojin is because 99.9% of the country is Japanese. It’s really only relevant in societies where people of asian descent are a minority.

      On the other hand, if you were to say ajiajin in JApan, then it unmistakably means Korean, Chinese, or even people from indochina. it’s all semantics. And again, while I understand your aversion to the word asian, it is necessary sometimes. In the US (at least) Asian is the correct term to refer to people with origins in East Asia. Oriental and yellow (both of which make more sense to me, as in East Asian languages both terms are used) are considered offensive by some, but if you ask them why, they can’t really give you a straight answer other than… “Oriental is a rug, I’m a person!”. And that’s weak.

      (NOTE TO ALL.. YES, I AM AWARE OF THE HISTORY OF THE WORD ORIENTAL AND ORIENTALISM AS A CONCEPT…I only think it’s necessary to have a word to describe East Asia as a cultural sphere that isn’t “East Asia”. Either that, or we should call Europe “West Asia”, because really, it’s not a continent, it’s a cultural sphere. East Asia is also a cultural sphere. We need to invent a name for it. That’s my argument. It doesn’t have to be oriental if you guys don’t like the word.)

  10. Real Asian Says:

    You two are both FAGs and Eugene, you’re not Asian because if you were you would think Oriental is a bad word to use. That proves it. Oriental is like calling Ni**ers Ni**ers, but you can’t do that when your in front of them. Oriental is a white word trying to hold us down, any Asian would know that.

    Both of you are FAGs and Eugene is not Korean because he likes Jap FAGs.

    Edit: Don’t use that word when referring to people on my blog.

  11. Real Asian Says:

    In case you didnt know유진 is a girls name too. More proof. If you were really Korean like me, you’re parents would give you a normal Korean boys name duh!

  12. James Junghoon Lee Says:

    I did not read all the comments but I get the gist of what yujin is saying. And he is right to some extent. Just like the different Western peoples like Americans, Australians, British, French, Italians, Germans, etc. do not have any kind of common consciousness or identity, there is no such thing as a common East Asian consciousness, although this is what the majority of whites in the USA believe. By the way, I am Korean. I was born in Korea and went to the US at the age of 11. I lived there for 13 years and am now back in Korea. Yujin is right. I would never tell someone “I am an Asian,” or say something like “We Asians.” I am not Asian. I am Korean. It is the American-born “Asians” who identify with other Asian ethnicities.

    However, about the term “Oriental,” it IS an offensive word and the dictionaries say it is. The word toyojin or dong-yang-in in Korean is NOT the same as “Oriental.” Seiyojin is translated Westerner, so toyojin should be translated “Easterner,” not Oriental. The opposite of Oriental is Occidental, which is seldom used. And yes, at least to me, Oriental is like calling someone a “ni**er.” They banned the word Oriental in NY state.

    • Yeah, I was just saying though that we need SOME word… it doesn’t have to be Oriental… even East Asian is fine, though clunky.

      Easterner is loaded because it implies that somewhere west of East Asia is center. I guess that could also be the problem with Oriental…. in addition to all its other problems. For the record, I am not for the use of such a loaded term… I’d just as soon go with something like Chikorpan or something like that.

      • James Junghoon Lee Says:

        Oops, I meant to make a comment about what Kenichi said, not what Yujin said. Anyway, my comments are the same. Even though the different East Asian ethnicities don’t identify with one another, non-Asian people associate us with one another, the same way non-Western peoples group the Western peoples together. It’s invariable. And I think “East Asian” or “Asian” is definitely better than “Oriental.” “Oriental” sounds so ignorant to me.

        • The problem with Asian is that it refers to South Asians in UK…

          What do you think about yellow people, another thing that people say in East ASian languages about themselves…

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