I’m not doing this for you!

"Update your blog more often! I have no other joy in my life than to read your blog!"

So I got a message in my inbox from a reader of my blog who actually had the balls to threaten me for not updating with more content.  He’s apparently planning on moving to Korea soon, and my Seoul Searcher blog was apparently his favorite resource to prepare for his move over.  But since I have not been updating as often he sent me this:


If you don’t update more often, I’m not gonna read ur blog no more and I’ll tell all my friends not to read your blog.  You will lose a lot of customers this way

I can’t say I ever thought of you readers as customers, but one thing must be made clear.


I’m writing this blog for ME, not for anyone else.  If other people find the information useful or entertaining, then fine.  If not, then don’t read it.  If I’m not updating on a schedule that you would prefer, with content that you want…. READ ANOTHER FRIKIN’ BLOG!

It’s true, my numbers are down lately, but I’m not writing posts every day and I really don’t have that much to complain about (which is my strongest impetus for writing).  That means that when I do write, you can expect some quality material rather than garbage about water filters being awesome.

ALLLLL righty then..


5 Responses to “I’m not doing this for you!”

  1. wow, what a bad “customer” he is… tehehe. i guess some peoples lifes are really boring. i bet its some kid who doesnt even have real friends to “tell not to read the blog”… even if he did, his friends proberly would still read LOL.


  2. I’m also disappointed with the infrequency of your posting. I demand a refund.

  3. […] Well, this isn’t the first time that one of my “customers” has complained about my…. […]

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