Sports doesn’t appear to be a fun topic for any of you eh?

Lovely lack of comments.

You guys don’t like hearing about sports or racial issues huh.

OK I’ll have to give you more lollypops and gumdrops about how awesome Korea is to get a comment around here?


6 Responses to “Sports doesn’t appear to be a fun topic for any of you eh?”

  1. Please don’t….. Your new blog is awesome….. Please do not add “seoulsearcher style” to it.

    Keep weighting how you write now. And more ethnicity related posts lol

  2. comment!comment!comment!comment!comment!comment!comment!
    puahahaha… :p

    but really, it *was* an interesting read. i’m sorry i couldn’t contribute. but that doesn’t mean i don’t enjoy a good discussion about sports and racial issues. i mean, i AM a racial issue, in a way. right? ha.

  3. Nah!, I do enjoy reading your blog!, I don’t know that much about sports and I’ve been busy with the Coffee Shop, we had the Opening Party on Saturday and it was crazy!! u_u

  4. hehe good to meet~

    sounds like everyone has been busy recently.

    im the same as Gisela, i really dont know a lot about sports…. im VERY passive to sports (that was nicely worded hehe)

    • lol
      See?, there’s no need to “seoulsearcherize” *I know it’s not a word* this blog, I (and I think most of your readers) like your style and some of us (continue to) read you because of that not because of Korea.

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