Unemployment is fun….

That about sums it up...

I guess I can look at it like it’s a vacation or something.  Before, in any stretch that I was unemployed, I would always feel like I am worthless and a burden to my parents or anyone else I happened to be living with.  Right now, I live with my wife, but I still have enough money saved up that I can probably survive two or three months comfortably unemployed.  Anyhow, I’ve gotten so many chances to meet some friends, and I don’t have to wake up all early.  It’s pretty cool.  Later though, I’ll have to look into if I can collect unemployment.  I mean, afterall I paid into it (through my taxes) so shouldn’t I be entitled to it?


I wonder what my team at KOTRA is doing right now?  Probably they are working really hard on some kind of online survey thing.  I’m kicking back.. about to watch the NFL playoffs.


Don’t think I am too lazy though.  I have been going to job interviews and doing radio work….


Haha, anyone want to go snowboarding?


3 Responses to “Unemployment is fun….”

  1. awww sometimes I wish I was unemployed… I miss being lazy, waking up late and just doing nothing really….
    well… Enjoy for all of us that still have to come to an office everyday o_o lol

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