Well this is interesting…

When I was a kid, I wondered why it was that people thought randomly writing nonsense phrases in Japanese or Chinese on their body or on their T-Shirts was such a fad. It even started happening that people put these in movies and music videos in order to make themselves seem cool. All this, nobody ever seemed to touch Korean. Maybe because it was less known or something.

Now I see this video where hangul is a predominant feature, and I’m kind of wishing they hadn’t made it so. It seems less cool as most of the hangul is literal translations of what the woman is saying, and in Korean, it doesn’t seem to make as much sense. It’s like, taking random phrases out of context.

Anyway I guess it’s good that Korea’s finally getting acknowledged, but… Yeah..


9 Responses to “Well this is interesting…”

  1. this notice and the video and had seen him a few weeks ago
    long rumored among fans Kpop, Somedays it works this is the group’s influence 2EN1 in this video, because this will.i.am produced the new album from them, for their debut in the U.S.

    in fact youtube channel 2EN uploaded videos of their living together with will.i.am london

  2. It’s so interesting music video. I’m pleased that the world is hearing Korea, but a bit worried if we can be gained better image or not.. Because there is ‘hum.han.ryu’, which is that some other asian countries’ people insult korean culture or celebrities as korean culture is getting worthing and popular.

  3. It’s good to see that Korea is being acknowledged, but I (as many of you) wish it was a better image… right?
    I guess it’s one step at a time… πŸ™‚

  4. I’m probably going sound really racist, but… a lot of african americans really are not so familiar with the Asian culture…. There is another music video I saw on the mall about this black singers dressed in ninja suits doing weird stuff poses γ…‘γ…‘; well, I guess they were trying to do some “cool” asian moves :S’

    Even my roommate, who is black, hardly knows anything about Asia… He was like “what?! you got pizza in malaysia?”

    I might, well I do really sound racist (I really don’t mean to), but I wish there was a way to promote and spread our culture to more african americans :S

    Many people have a better idea of japan as anime is quite popular everywhere πŸ˜› although their idea of japan is a bit different and idealistic to the real thing

    Korea.. not so much. They use our products, but they don’t really know our culture.

    I guess a good way is possibly having more free sources of drama, since korean drama is competitively strong. [omg, my egyptian neighbor watches kbs world γ…‘γ…‘; and tells all about weird korean stuff] Moreover, I think starcraft is a really good way to promote our country. A handful of foreigners are living in Korea, just because they love starcraft…

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      Starcraft is an American game.

      • well yeah, it is. but, there are a lot of famous korean gamers and competitions in korea. A lot of people know about Korea just because they play starcraft… Well at least everyone who plays starcraft knows about korea .

        • The Seoul Searcher Says:

          Quite true. You’d think Blizzard would make a Korean character of some sort.

          • LOL hahahahahaha Yeah It was really disappointing lol
            They didn’t have any asian characters…. LOL

            I guess the asians have already been destroyed by the zergs … 😦

  5. CedarBough Says:

    sooo agree

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