Teeth whitening!!!

If you recall, I wrote an article about medical tourism a while ago.  The Seoul Medical Tourism Center had an event whereupon non-Korean citizen residents could apply for some kind of free medical service.  This included botox, skin whitening, and the like.  I didn’t want to go for anything really major, so I applied for only teeth whitening, and I won!  I went and got my teeth whitened yesterday.

I got my teeth whitened at the Hus’hu clinic.  Let me tell you about the experience.

The Hus’hu clinic is located in Apgujeong, just outside of exit 3 of Apgujeong station.  My appointment was at 11:30 yesterday and I got there a little early.  As soon as I arrived, I went to the reception desk and was greeted and directed in English.  This was a bit surprising because in almost all of my phone conversations with the clinic, they spoke to me in Korean.

Next, after filling out a form, I was taken through the halls of a very posh looking clinic to a small dental office.  The doctor came in and asked me if I spoke Korean.  I replied that I did, and he explained to me in Korean about the process I was about to go through.  The staff informed him that it would be best to stick to English.  So he switched to English and said everything he already said in Korean.  Now, I am a Korean speaker, but Korean is not my first language.  When it comes to medical procedures, English is a good thing.  The staff were all helpful and polite.

After explaining everything to me, my teeth were cleaned.  It’s been quite a while since I had any dental work in the U.S., but one thing I always remember about it is that it takes a long time, it tastes funny, and sometimes it hurts.  In this case, they covered my whole face except for my mouth and I pretty much fell asleep.  That’s how gentle the dental hygienist was.

Soon after cleaning my teeth, the whitening process began.  This is where they put some kind of bleaching gel on my teeth and shot it with some lasers (I assume to speed up the effectiveness of the gel).  Here, I actually did fall asleep.  When I woke up, it was because of a shocking pain I felt in one of my bottom teeth.  I remembered that they said this was normal, however, so I fell asleep again.

After the whole thing was over, my teeth were feeling extremely sensitive.  The dentist told me not to drink anything with too much acid or color, such as cola, coffee, or (gasp!) Kimchi, for two whole days.  Imagine my horror upon returning home after work.  My wife made me a big Korean meal with rice and lots of banchan and kimchi.  I couldn’t eat any of the kimchi and I was feeling really bad because of it.  But my wife said she liked my new smile.  It’s only two days, so I guess it’s worth it.

So how much whiter are my teeth?  Well, I didn’t have the foresight to take a before and after picture, that was done by the clinic itself.  They told me that my teeth were already a pretty light shade (though not totally white).  They said I’d be able to jump up two or three shades (though still not totally white).  What I got is amazing.  My teeth before had a little bit of discoloring due to some calcium deposits growing on the front of my teeth, this process appears to have totally erased them, and my teeth now look bright and radiant, whereas before, they looked kind of dull and a bit yellow in some parts.  Now their color is uniform and more healthy looking.

I’m very glad  I went to Hus’hu clinic for teeth whitening, and I think I’ll actually start using them as my regular care dentist from now on, simply because they are thorough and honest, and don’t leave me wondering about any procedure.  I would recommend it to anyone who wants whiter teeth with fewer worries.


4 Responses to “Teeth whitening!!!”

  1. Congrats for winning the treatment 🙂
    My sister just went trough this process and she said it wasn’t painful, I guess I’ll have to try it soon n_n

  2. CedarBough Says:

    how much would it cost for those who don’t win a treatment?

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