iPhone keyboard – necessary?

Here’s something cool. This article on gizmodo talks about a keyboard with an iphone dock. It’s called the WOWKeys keyboard and is for sale only in Korea.

Well, at least it looks cool...

Now I ask, why would anyone need an iphone dock on their keyboard? The iphone when docked in this keyboard acts as a number pad, a trackpad, and a remote. I think using it as a trackpad is a pretty neat idea, especially if you are working on something on your computer that involves drawing and aren’t proficient at mouse drawing.

The number pad aspect is kind of silly. I mean, the number keys themselves are a tried and true standard. Why would anyone need to use their iphone as one? That would be like putting a camera outside your house and using a flat screen TV right behind it instead of just installing a window. Sure, it’s a high tech solution, but superfluous. The only reason I can assume it’s there is because it saves keyboard space. And if that’s the point, then I guess it makes sense.

I’ve been using an iphone for a while, but I don’t know if I’d buy this particular product. Anyway, it’s apple certified so, I guess Apple thinks it’s a good idea.

So readers, would YOU use this keyboard?


9 Responses to “iPhone keyboard – necessary?”

  1. Hm…let’s think..If I’m at home, I rather use my speaker/docking station for charging. I’m sure that it’s going to distract me from work/study every mins. If I’m at outside..who’s gonna carry that giant keyboard? So…I say “No”

  2. Well, I don’t have a iphone or itouch so no … probably not haha. It might be useful if you are on a trip and want to do some work on word. I guess they want to tell the consumers that instead of buying a laptop, your iphone can replace it or something :S

    but, the screen is too small.. I would prefer a net book

  3. in my case I do not think necessary, both the Iphone and the touch phone has a keypad that at first we worked so hard to adapt, and now we’ve gotten away with this, I think it is an expense unnecessary.

  4. When I saw the title and the photo on the post I thought it was a keyboard that I could use to write more quickly on my iphone…
    I mean… I never use iphone to write comments or posts on internet because it’s really uncomfortable especially if I have to edit my text.
    iPhone isn’t that good as trackpad too especially when you have to draw or edit photos. So, I think that WOWKeys is really useless…

  5. I think most of you are missing the idea of what this is. Its not a keyboard for an iphone its a keyboard for your pc with a built in docking station. I could see where it could be practical. less clutter on the desk.

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