Window washing robots, the Windoro

Robots are going to take over everything it seems.  This Korean product, the Windoro washes windows.. on both sides of the window.

It connects itself with its counterpart by powerful magnets and looks like it does a pretty nice job washing the windows. | Windoro Robot to Clean your Windows from Stylecowboys on Vimeo.

But really, can it do more than one window? I imagine that on large buildings, one would have to open each window and mount the robot for it to work. Perhaps it’s only viable for household use at the moment.

It’s still neat though, and I am amazed at how rapidly robot technology is progressing here in Korea.


7 Responses to “Window washing robots, the Windoro”

  1. How cool is that! I want one of those!

  2. Unfortunately, I can’t watch this video. Have you got the video on Youtube?

  3. CedarBough Says:

    i need one! i don’t think the windows have been washed here since the building went up in the 70s….

  4. WoW!!! This is amazing!
    I wonder when there will be a Windoro which could clean mirrors too or just one side glasses without using magnets!

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