LG Windows 7 tablet

Lg's windows 7 tablet is a little bit too late.

LG’s also got a tablet PC, due to be released in Korea.  It will run the windows 7 OS.

I think, however, with the iPad and Galaxy Tab, this particular tablet PC might not sell as well as LG is hoping, and they probably know that, because they are also developing an android tablet that will hit the shelves in January.

The android tablet will be bigger than Samsung’s Galaxy tab.  Originally it was supposed to be out in December, in time for Christmas, but it appears that some kind of software issue has delayed the release.

So, that’s two Korean tablet PCs trying to go after the iPad.  If it were me, I’d get Samsung and LG to work together.  Apple is going to be tough to tackle.

Due in January, this LG tablet will run on the android software and is larger than Samsung's Galaxy Tab.


10 Responses to “LG Windows 7 tablet”

  1. Oh, finally! I wondered why LG didn’t react to iPad and Galaxy Tab 🙂

  2. LG is my favourite company, because I’m a big fan of LG twins baseball team. So I always cheer for LG to be better.
    But I think their timing is not good. LG is always slow to respond to the change of market. Even though they have competitive technologies.
    So I’m worried about LG will swim with the sharks.
    I’m curious about their specific strategies to dominate that market. It would be very tough and LG has to go through it.

  3. Well… Looks like everyone is coming out with tablets, it might be wrong timing but there are lots of LG fans that will rather have an LG Tablet than a Samsung Galaxy or iPad.
    I kinda want a tabled, but I don’t know what will I use it for…so there’s no point of spending a big amount of money on it… maybe one day if I find a nice/cute/cheap tablet I will get one 😀

  4. CedarBough Says:

    i don’t think samsung and LG will ever cooperate but you’re right, it’d be the best way to take on Apple!

  5. I am not that surprised LG made an android tablet, but, where is Sony…… lol I thought they were pretty good with electronics :S

    I hope LG and Samsung comes up with their own software! The only reason Apple is so unique is cause of their os. If samsung and LG comes up with their own operating system, they would become stronger

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