Rosie the Robot is REAL!!!!

Rosie the Robot!

Anyone who’s ever watched the Jetsons probably thought that by now, (2010) we’d have a lot of the things that the Jetsons have, such as moving sidewalks, flying cars, and the like. Well, we are starting to get some of it, such as holographic TVs, videophones, and now, a robot that can do housework!

In an article from, details about this robot are revealed.

Mahru-Z, made by the Korea Institute of Science and Technology is capable of cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry.

Now, I don’t expect that it’s anywhere near perfect yet, nor do I think that if it ever is, it will be affordable any time soon. Probably if someone is rich enough to buy one of these robots, they could at least hire a human at a fraction of the price. Who knows, perhaps 50 or 60 years from now, we’ll have these kinds of robots as standard in every house..

So, would you feel comfortable with one of these robots in your house?

I might… but I feel if we let robots do everything for us, then we’ll forget how to do these things for ourselves.

Here's a picture of 2 Mahru-Z units in action.


7 Responses to “Rosie the Robot is REAL!!!!”

  1. Rosie!! If the robot was like Rosie and I was incredibly rich I would get one, but since I don’t think the robot has the personality (Ok ok I know they don’t really have a personality) and I’m not incredibly rich I don’t think I would get one, also because I think robots/machines are already taken over plenty jobs, in Mexico lots of people do this work so if robots take over this a lot of people will loose its job.
    (Reminded me at the Willy Wonka movie -the new one- where Charly’s dad looses it’s job because of the machines but then is re-hired to fix the machine!)

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      Yes, technology in many ways makes our life more convenient, but when it breaks it makes it even less convenient.

      Imagine how nobody will be able to cook once robots start to do it all for us!

      • Nothing like a good meal cooked by someone you love, huh?
        I don’t know why robots scare me… perhaps I’ve seen many movies where robots try to take over the world….

        • The Seoul Searcher Says:

          I wouldn’t mind a robot cooking for me at all. I’m just saying, as technology progresses, people will lose vital survival skills.

  2. I need a robot that put make-up on my face and do my hair every morning! XD Can they do that?

  3. I liked watching the Jetsons I liked, and as you say in this article, we are beginning to used in regular, in my personal use when it would come to my terms motirces and I can function well, meanwhile carries out the housework myself .

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