The Galaxy Tab sells well.

There's no i in galaxy...

This article by the Korea Herald is about the success of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.  After being released one month ago, it has apparently sold 600,000 units, with only 30,000 being sold in Korea.  This means that 570,000 have been sold overseas.  That’s amazing.

In comparison, Apple’s iPad has sold 7.5 million units since April, and has a 95% market share.  Given the choice, I wonder if Koreans themselves would rather have the iPad or the Galaxy Tab.  I don’t think I’d like either, but if someone were willing to give me one, I’d take it. HAHA.

Anyway it’s pretty impressive that this Galaxy Tab has sold well.


13 Responses to “The Galaxy Tab sells well.”

  1. lol the thing is… apple has a lot of apple-lovers/followers. But, they also have tons of apple-haters. So, they love samsung 😛 Use this advantage well and make them samsung-lovers/followers!

    And besides galaxy tab supports flash!

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      Yes, and also DMB!

      • Flash and DMB…..? I would choose Galaxy Tab 🙂 Those are very important to me..!

        but I haven’t seen those who want to buy Galaxy Tab…. My friends would like to have only iPad!
        The reason might be that Galaxy Tab has just started to be known…..?

  2. I’m sorry. I couldn’t comment on your post for a while. Because I traveled to toronto and new york for 2 weeks. From now on I’m gonna comment on your post dilligently. Sorry about that. ^^

  3. Even though galaxy tab has sold well, apple’s ipad dominates the market. So I think samsung has a still long way to go. When I was traveling in New York, I visited apple’s shop which is located in 5th ave., and samsung’s exhibition which is located in the time warner center. And I tried both. But I couldn’t find the distinction between ipad and galaxy tab. Both are awsome and based on the cutting edge. But ipad has taken advantage of dominating the market in advance. That is the differnece between apple and samsung. I look forward to samsung dethroning apple’s portion. 🙂

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      I think Samsung would still be beaten by Apple even if Samsung’s galaxy tab were first. People love the Apple brand.

      • I was just reading about all of this yesterday and there was a comment that said something like “I got an iphone because it gives you STATUS, other brands are for people with..Less money” O_o
        sadly, I think a lot of people has this idea that the best/newest phone (or anything) will give them status and that others will respect them just because they own an iphone/ipad etc.
        I don’t think an object can give you status… If people don’t respect you for who you are they will not do it even if you have the most expensive phone in the market…

        • The Seoul Searcher Says:

          I agree, but it’s not limited to phones. People also seem to use cars and clothes this way.

          • True!, I have a supervisor that has an iphone and an ipad (because for him there’s not such a thing as Too much MAC goodies) and yesterday he was talking about the S. Korea / N. Korea situation and Oh god!! He could use that ipad to at least read the news because he was saying things like “Yea, S. Korea right now is like Irak…a war zone”… while I believe that everyone has right to express their opinions also I believe that if you are going to talk about something you should know the Real facts. This only makes me want to show more what the Korean Culture/Country is about!.

  4. One of the reason that I wanna buy Galaxy Tab, is size. I-pad is big so, I have to carry it with hand or bag, but Galaxy Tab can come into my pocket. So, I wanna buy it.

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