Part man, part machine, all mop!

The Korea Herald dedicated a front page link on their website to this interesting product.  It’s called robomop, and it cleans dust off of hard floors.  It’s not a Korean product, it’s designed in Norway and made in China, but that the Korea Herald is pushing it leads me to believe that there is some kind of connection to Korea.  Perhaps it is an invention made by a Korean or a Korean-Norwegian that was sold to the Norwegian company.

Speculation aside, the product is extremely simple compared to similar robotic vacuum cleaners I’ve seen.  The outer layer is statically charged, and the inner part is nothing more than a ball that rotates via change in weight ratio.  It looks like putting two childrens’ toys together, and that’s cool.

Check the video out!

What if I have a carpet?

Then you probably shouldn’t buy this product.  It’s made specifically for hard floors, which are typical in most Korean houses.


8 Responses to “Robomop!”

  1. It is so interesting. However, it seem to need management by person like changing mop because the mop might be getting ditry during cleaning.

  2. I saw something like these in a store here in Mexico about a month ago, it was mostly made to clean tables…it was so cute but small and expensive O_o

  3. Hm, is there any problem on Youtube today? I can’t watch any video on Youtube including the video you uploaded! I’m really wondering how the cute toy can clean the floor.. 😦

  4. interesting! At first sight I thought it was a toy for children.
    It’s amazing because it has a very simple structure.
    Maybe in the future we will see Robomop made of a shape-shifting material so that it would clean everywhere!

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