Seoul vehicles to go electric by 2020.

BEV SE-580, a Korean made electrical car.

A Korea Herald article says that the mayor of Seoul has pledged that by 2020, Korea will have 120,000 electric cars on the road.  This pledge is intended to show the world a model for clean energy.  This is pretty interesting.

As we know now, there are many cities (especially in the U.S.) where the use of cars is absolutely necessary.  It is especially apparent in countries with an underdeveloped railroad system.

Korea’s railroad is hardly lacking, but with the technology available and such a small country with a centralized population, Seoul is ideal for trying this type of technology out en masse.

There’s also an agreement to supply electric cars to the city of Los Angeles.  This is great, because L.A. has never had a subway.  Smog is a huge problem in L.A., and this may be just what the city needs.

Right now it’s impossible to make a direct switch to electric cars because there are so few charging facilities and other infrastructure, but if Seoul (or L.A) were to install that infrastructure, I imagine that the cars will increase in popularity.

Weaknesses at the moment include low speed and inability to travel far distances, but electric cars would be ideal for commuting.


14 Responses to “Seoul vehicles to go electric by 2020.”

  1. I don’t have a driver license yet, but I would be willing to purchase it if the weaknesses you mentioned is solved! Plus, the design….. Personally, I don’t really like that design.. It doesn’t look so cool, does it?

  2. I wish the mayor helped the city that people would own less cars while more people would use more taxi service with electric cars! J’adore subways mais je deteste cars

  3. Seoul is roughly circular and 30 km across; L.A. is 71 km long and spread out. Might be harder to get it going there. Of course they managed to build enough gas stations there, so I guess they could do it. How far can you go before you need a charge?

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      I don’t know how far. It really depends on how fast you go, how much traffic there is, the kinds of batteries on board, and the like.

      I would assume you could drive for at least 3 hours, but I don’t know how long it would take to charge.

  4. Good news~~ I love that design of the electric car~~ It’s so cute~~

  5. The electric cars are a model of eco friendly policies not on in korea but also in other countries such as japan etc,. I agree that this car would be ideal for commuting. But by 2020, I think the technology will have improved a lot, so the electric cars can be versatile.

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      Let’s hope so. Let us also hope that by then we can power them using solar, hydro electric, or geothermal.

  6. is an interesting long-term goal that can be accomplished.
    I hope this will serve as an example for cities princilapes with smog problems.
    here in mexico there is this big problem, too much air pollution, both public transportation as of the factories that still exist in the greater metropolitan area. if this were implemented here in the capital, it may not be, unfortunately here in mexico there is not that kind of culture, but we must not lose faith, if electric cars are the same or similar to the picture presented in this paper, I think not survive on the road or in the main avenue, at least here in Mexico

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      Mexico is still developing. People seem to only worry about the environment when they have a good standard of living. Not to say that all Mexicans have a bad standard of living, but once Mexico is on average caught up with other countries, then Mexico will start to worry about the environment more…

      I guess that says a lot about Korea’s standard of living, although I still think that it lacks a bit.

  7. hello I have an idea for an electric car which can outline more miles than any machine that is built up eletrike Today’s. In theory has successfully built is not know I wanted to work together for a common project. Thanks for understanding

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