Samsung attempts to tackle the US PC Market.

Samsung has been doing well peddling their PCs in Europe, but what about the U.S. Market?

The Korea Times has an article about Samsung attempting to wrestle a market share away from Dell and HP by selling netbooks and tablet PCs in the U.S. Now, I don’t really understand the wisdom of attempting to break into a market that’s heavily dominated by those other two companies. Everyone flocks to Dell because they are relatively cheap and easy to fix. In fact, I’m here in Korea and using a Dell. HP also makes great products and once in a previous job (as IT director) approached me asking for some kind of partnership where they would beat Dell’s prices by 10% if we bought products from them instead.

Samsung, if I am not mistaken, already supplies parts to both HP and Dell. I remember having an HP printer in the U.S. that was really a Samsung, with an HP sticker placed on top of the Samsung logo.

So my question is, even if Samsung is able to break in to the U.S. market, will HP and Dell still use Samsung, their direct competitor, as a parts supplier? And if not, who will they go to? (Toshiba perhaps?… or maybe they could start making the parts locally, thus creating American jobs?)

Unquestionably, as far as monitors and tablet PCs go, Samsung has the upper hand over the American companies. I think that Samsung ought to be a little more careful though, and perhaps expand into more areas where Dell and HP have not.

The article says that Samsung is huge in Europe. Maybe it’s time to move into Canada and Mexico before taking on the U.S. giants?

I don’t know, what do you think?


5 Responses to “Samsung attempts to tackle the US PC Market.”

  1. Dell and HP are pretty big in Mexico right now, but perhaps if Samsung introduces a nice-big campain in Mexico it can become one of the biggest Laptop sellers in Mexico because right now Samsung phones are getting more and more popular everyday… also because some of this products are cheaper n_n

  2. We really have to wait and see. Korean computers may not be as good or cheap as American computers, they still have potential, just like the Korean cars. I heard people would rather ride a horse to their jobs than a hyundai car years ago. But, now a lot of ppl use hyundai cars 😛

    Actually, I like samsung laptops.Its just that its hard to get them here 😛

    • The Seoul Searcher Says:

      I think that most Korean products are as good as, if not better than American ones.

      Hyundai cars are really good now, but for some, they still can’t shake their reputation from the 80s as the cheap car that breaks down a lot.

      • Yeah, its a really hard reputation they have to undergo. But, seriously hyundai cars are really amazing. My dad had one and it never broke, I would say it was more comfortable than the CRV we have right now :S its kind of bad that Korean cars are priced less when you resell :S I heard it was because the parts are hard to get :S

  3. Just another korean american Says:

    TSS, did you happen to notice the placement of the graph relative to the computer face icon? Kinda explains why he’s so happy. Ha!

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